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Op-Ed: To Err is Human, to Blame the Next Guy Even More So

To Err is Human, to Blame the Next Guy Even More So
It was former President Harry Truman who had a desk sign that said: “The Buck Stops Here”, but according to President Joe Biden the “buck” never gets to his desk. File photo: Marlin360, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Have you listened to President Joe Biden lately, it seems that no matter what goes wrong in his Administration, he blames someone or something else? It seems it is never his fault, even though he’s the president.

It was former President Harry Truman who had a desk sign that said: “The Buck Stops Here”, but according to Joe Biden the “buck” never gets to his desk. It is either arrogance or stupidity, or a combination of both, that he avoids the “buck” at all costs, almost on a daily basis. You have to wonder how a person in his exalted position could, with a straight face, avoid responsibility for the demise of most all of his decisions?

When, during the campaign for president, Joe Biden declared war on the fossil fuel industry, he said he wanted to get rid of all fossil fuels and to transition to “Green Energy”. After he was sworn in as president, he doubled down and reinforced, with his acts and rhetoric, his desire to institute the “Green New Deal” which was being pushed by the Marxist/Socialist wing of the Democrat Party, represented by Bernie Sanders, AOC, the Squad and John Kerry, with the help of other leftist Democrats, and those climate change fanatics wonder why the price of gasoline is over $5.00 per gallon?

Most scientists and economists say that we will not be able to power our economy with just “Green Energy”, for now or in the immediate future. They say it would be a “fools errand” to put all our efforts into trying to make the unreliable renewable energy sources as the primary fuels to power our economy. Can you imagine our airline industry trying to power their planes with battery powered engines? Or our trucking fleets using batteries in all their trucks as they try to deliver the food and goods that are required to serve our country,  and that our citizens require and need?

We are now in the throes of an inflation and supply chain disaster, but according to Joe Biden, none of that is his fault. He blames Putin, the oil industry and others for this double whammy, but never blames his destructive, ignorant policies for any of it. It’s like he has “blinders” on and living on another planet.

Things started to go downhill, which by the way Donald Trump predicted would happen, when Biden took office. Biden, in his hatred and pique about anything Trump, rescinded most of the working policies of Trump, the policies which were working for the benefit of the American people. It was a “scorched earth” policy, that as a result, has produced the economic demise and dilemma we are now facing today, and for which it looks like we’ll be saddled with the rest of his term in office. It seems he is beholden to the extreme of his party who would come down on him, like a ton of bricks, if he tried to change policy by using economic common sense, instead of following many of the ideas in the Karl Marx playbook.

Since Biden will be in office for the next 2 ½ years (unless his fellow Democrats realize that he is leading them into political oblivion, and will try to get rid of him, for who Kamala Harris?), it is important for the Republicans and Independents to try to put the brakes on his destructive policies by getting rid of Biden’s lackey’s in the House and Senate this coming November. Biden seems to be the poster boy for “Murphy’s Law”, as it seems that most everything Biden says or does (including walking up stairs or riding a bike) is the opposite of success.

 From the looks of most polls and recent elections, it seems that people are beginning to realize that Biden is not up to doing the job of being president and that elections do have consequences, as former President Obama had once said. We all make mistakes, but when those mistakes make life unbearable and the president refuses to take responsibility, it is time for a change, and the time is this November by voting for a Republican majority in the House and the Senate. Now go do the right thing with your vote.

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