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Op-Ed: No Insurance For A Trouble-Free Life

If a person decides they want out of the insurance lifestyle they must accept the fact that life has many risks and if something negative happens they will be on their own to correct or repair it. File photo: SEEphotos7171, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Most Americans believe they could and should have a trouble-free life. Since 1945 our nation has not experienced a world war or severe national depression like in the 1930s. A high percentage of citizens have lived a high level of affluence from birth. We have been blessed with a high standard of living, political stability and most importantly: freedom. We were living in probably the most wonderful period in western civilization.

Every day working class people in western civilizations have been able to reach a more than comfortable lifestyle. Most of us have become spoiled. There have been some hardships caused by accidents, deaths in the family, and stupid personal decisions like purchasing supposed pleasures like drugs, alcohol, sex vices and overspending. By far most of us have been financially fortunate in our prolonged thriving economy.

In the past most people did not have medical insurance. Instead, they paid for medical expenses out of pocket as needed. The federal government and pharmaceutical advertising convinced the public that there were pills, operations, and vaccines to cure any ailment. Medical insurance became so important that many employees would not take a job without it. The USA is only one of two countries that allows ads for pharmaceuticals on tv. Many of us are becoming neurotic about our health so we think a doctor is needed for a hangnail. Insurance can create issues as well as solve them.

Instead of “saving for a rainy day” to handle unexpected situations such as illness, breakdown of equipment, or any unpleasant contingencies, many people have decided to insure anything they can. U.S. citizens are taking out insurance to preserve everything from possessions to appearance to every physical ailment known to mankind. We can even insure our pets for health issues. We have become a risk aversion society.

Our homes are usually our most expensive possession and can be insured for fire, wind, sink holes, vandalism, leaky roof, and any deterioration caused by nature. Even construction elements in the home can be insured such as electric, plumbing or A/C systems can be replaced for a monthly insurance fee. There are presently companies like Home Shield, that will replace almost any appliance and/or make repairs.

Many young people do not realize there was a period in the past where insurance on major items like boats, homes, or cars was not necessary. Presently we must have insurance to be granted a bank mortgage for a home. Most local governments require us to meet specific building requirements before a person could live in their own home. Insurance has become a standard operational procedure in our modern world not only to protect the buyer but also to cushion any corporate losses.

The trouble is when you take out insurance policies you have to pay for it. The person must pay for the company to perform the service and earn sufficient capital to pay for that. Insurance is not free.

This insurance merry-go-round has a major downside. If a person decides they want out of the insurance lifestyle they must accept the fact that life has many risks and if something negative happens they will be on their own to correct or repair it. This reality necessitates a person must control their wants to build a savings account to pay for unforeseen problems.

No insurance policy can provide a trouble-free life. Although many individuals are prone to sign an insurance policy so as not to worry about the possibility of something going wrong with a product or even with the health of a person on an expensive vacation. Life happens and we must fight through unexpected adversity until the difficulty is resolved. Life has peaks and valleys. Savings gives an individual security without hassles compared to dealing with an insurance company.

Regardless of how much insurance you purchase you cannot possibly predict or buy insurance to cover every contingency life can deal us. Insurance has its limits and can be expensive. The rate of insurance only goes up, never down.

The insurance game is an expensive gamble. If we are paranoid about all things that can go wrong, we can go broke. We cannot buy insurance to live forever or predict what can go wrong in one’s life. Life is a series of problems that must be confronted and solved.  We should have faith in ourselves to solve the problems that life deals us.

No one should depend on living a trouble-free life regardless of the number of insurance policies they possess. Going broke is more of a problem than not having insurance on a particular item.

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