Biden Admin Weighing Possibility of Sending Gas Rebate Cards to U.S. Residents; President Continues To Blame War In Ukraine

Sign on a Chevron gas station with high fuel prices around six dollars per gallon, Vista, CA, May 2, 2022.
Sign on a Chevron gas station with high fuel prices around six dollars per gallon, Vista, CA, May 2, 2022. File photo: Simone Hogan, Shutter Stock, licensed.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The administration of President Joe Biden is weighing the possibility of sending Americans gas rebate cards in order to help combat the insane prices at the pump, according to breaking reports.

With skyrocketing inflation hitting a 40-year high in the country and the price of gas hitting a national average of $5.00 per gallon and rising, an official confirmed to Fox News that the White House is seriously considering the idea of subsidizing the price of fuel by distributing rebate cards that motorists would be able to use at service stations when they fill up their tanks.

“The president has made clear that he is willing to explore all options and hear all ideas that would help lower gas prices for the American people,” the official said. “No decisions have been made.”

Gas prices have been shooting to the stratosphere recently, and while the national average per gallon is currently at $5.00, many states have been reporting prices much higher in their respective regions. Shockingly, gas at a rural service station in Mendocino, California has hit the nearly unthinkable price $10.00 per gallon, which the owner attributes to transportation costs and pipeline access.


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Overall, California is the country’s most expensive market for gas, with a state average of $6.43 per gallon.

As he has repeatedly done in the past, President Biden has continued blaming the war in Ukraine for the astonishing increases in the price of fuel, most recently telling a group of reporters that “It’s outrageous what the war in Ukraine is causing.”

At a press briefing earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked by Fox News reporter Peter Doosy why the U.S. isn’t increasing its oil drilling capacity in an attempt to bring down the high cost of gas.

Jean-Pierre bizarrely replied that more drilling wasn’t necessary, claiming that oil companies were sitting on stockpiles of unrefined oil and alleging that they were dragging their feet on resuming full gas production at their refineries.

“Because we don’t need to do that,” Jean-Pierre said. “What we need [oil companies] to do is, with the oil that’s out there, we need them to refine that oil so that the capacity can go up and that prices would go down.”

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