CRISIS: Number of Illegal Southern Border Crossings in May Sets Another Record (239,416); 10X More Than May 2020 (23,237)

Vice President Kamala Harris in West Des Moines, Iowa
While taking questions from reporters outside of Air Force One in March 2021, Vice President Kamala Harris, supposedly the White House point on the border surge, was asked if she had plans to visit the southern border saying “not today” before laughing obnoxiously. File photo credit: Michael F. Hiatt /, licensed.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The crisis at the United States’ southern border still show no sign of abating, as just-released statistics from May 2022 show the number of attempted illegal migrant crossings into the country have set yet another all-time record.

Overwhelmed U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents were forced to contend with an astonishing 239,416 encounters with migrants who were attempting to illegally cross the border, with officials on Wednesday expressing fears that those numbers will only continue to skyrocket through the summer and beyond.

The numbers tell a horrific tale- in May 2021, CBP agents dealt with 180,597 illegal border encounters, whereas that tally was just 23,237 in May 2020, illustrating that May 2022’s 239,416 border crossings not only represent a continued escalation of the migrant crisis, but a harbinger of what may yet still come in the future as well.

This incredible new surge of migrant crossings comes at a time when the administration of President Joe Biden is still fighting a court battle to end the Title 42 health order, a clause of the 1944 Public Health Services Law that the Trump Administration began using in March 2020 to rapidly expel migrants from the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic due to possible “introduction of communicable diseases.”

The Biden Administration had originally announced on April 1 that May 23 would be the official date that it would rescind Title 42; however, a Louisiana district court judge in late April blocked the removal of Title 42 until such time that the White House negotiates a deal with several Republican states at the border that would be most negatively affected by a potential migrant surge.

The initial announcement of Biden’s intention to scrap Title 42 received intense bipartisan blowback, with even the president’s fellow Democrats being critical of the decision.

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