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Op-Ed: Fraudulent Consensus Is The Means To Totalitarianism

We must speak truth to power to revive open debate that will shatter lying, phony consensus to ultimately save our freedom. Forced consensus is a totalitarian tactic. File photo: FrankHH, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – The truth is difficult to define. The scientific method was conceptualized to get at what is true and what is not. Every time a person follows the same procedure, they get the same results. The replication of an experiment always has to have the same results.

When you attempt to use the same process with humans, there are too many variables to get the same results every time. This inability to get a definitive answer motivates individuals to present their personal viewpoints which sparks others to do the same. These issues caused people to debate each other, which helps them to refine their ideas and clarify their thinking.

This debate process was the backbone of our voting system. Discussing all sides of an issue raises questions that must be answered before most citizens can arrive at a candidate they want to support. In the past citizens were more politically involved than most Americans are today. Modern voters rarely discuss political issues with friends. Instead, they rely on television pundits to decide who to vote for.

Our revolutionary leaders had to rely on each other to search for answers to arrive at decisions to help them move forward. Our founding fathers in Philadelphia closed the windows of their assembly room so they could discuss, often in heated debate, how to gain independence from England while forming a new government. Leaders from all the colonies presented their political ideas and were questioned by other members how they would handle potential complications. These open forums lasted for months before they hammered out a united method to proceed in this crucial endeavor. 

The concept of open debate is a rational way towards arriving at legitimate consensus. This is not an easy or simple process with emotional conflicts over opposing viewpoints. Through rational, controlled debate the delegates learned from each other’s ideas. Each member’s focus became clearer until a strong agreement was reached.

The process of students participating in debates was used effectively in our higher education system, particularly in universities. Opposing ideas were presented and debated. The same questioning process used by our constitutional leaders had the same effect. Students learned through this questioning and answering that sharpened their ideas and led others to a higher level of thinking about the issues.  Any false statements were instantly attacked to set the record straight and led participants closer to the truth.

Today too many colleges have made debating illegal by “cancelling” anyone who states the “wrong” opinion. The purpose of Marxist teaching is not to learn how to think since Marxists already have all the answers. Their aim is to indoctrinate students to believe in the ideals no matter how unrealistic. The professors do not have a commitment to search for the truth but to build lock-step consensus. Anyone with a different idea is excluded by dedicated Marxist students or by professors who “cancel them” by removal from the discussion or suffer vicious ridicule.

Even some workers in corporations have been deputized to work as informants against others. If a person feels “offended” by another’s looks or speech the speaker will lose their right to speak the opposing idea. The result is sufficient fear for an ever-increasing self-censorship.

Everyone in the audience realizes that either you agree with the totalitarian agenda, or you are fired.  Indoctrination does not allow for contrary ideas only those that support Marxism. In our political world, Marxism has become the state religion.

Recently Americans observed this firsthand in the virus epidemic where only politically aligned scientists were allowed to speak while other renown contrary scientists with different evidence were not allowed to air their knowledge. The politics controlled the scientific narrative with no open debate among all scientists, only a select group of them. This process was a political charade, not a scientific one that searches for truth.

Our news media personnel were trained by university professors not to report what actually happened but to push their agenda. These false narratives support the transformation of America from a free capitalistic society into an autocratic Marxist state controlled by intellectual elites. The media elites are an integral part of this change.

The solidarity of the media was essential to undermine the US greatness and to replace it with Marxist “hope and change.” The only way to be successful was for there to be unity in the lying media. Any contrary media viewpoints had to be cancelled. These press elites created their false narratives for the citizens to accept Marxism. They were propagandized by their professors that their power and fame lay in their pen to drastically alter the history of the United States. Fraudulent consensus has been chosen as the means to crush dissenting opinion in pursuit of national brainwashing of the American public.

We must speak truth to power to revive open debate that will shatter lying, phony consensus to ultimately save our freedom. Forced consensus is a totalitarian tactic.

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