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Op-Ed: We Are Frogs In Boiling Water Who Need To Jump Out & Protest

We Are The Frogs In Boiling Water Who Need To Jump Out And Protest
We must jump out now and make our voices heard to show we will fight for our God given human rights. This is the way to save us and the rest of the world from total tyranny. We can no longer stay in the boiling in water until we expire. File photo: Kyslynskahal, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – The flames heating water in the pot continue to be turned up until it is deadly. Americans are witnessing one government-made disaster after another. Our political elites appear to be deliberately creating policies that are un-American dividing the nation into alienated groups. The subverting of our institutions by autocratic decrees is contrary to our sacred constitution.

The radical changes overnight in our 2020 election results was questionable to many voters. It was made clear that questioning the national presidential election was not allowed even though it has always been acceptable in other close presidential elections when the democrats lost. The discussion of voting irregularities was absolutely off limits according to our mass media and democrat party. This was the initial radical step in curtailing our free speech.

This administration worked toward the economy’s demise. First there was the stopping of fracking for oil and the closing of our gas pipeline that decreased our supply and increased the price of everything that had to be transported. The price increases across the board squeezed marginal businesses into bankruptcy. This started a downward spiral in our economy. The government response was to print more money that devalued our currency while taxing the doers and giving it to the slackers.

Simultaneously the Covid virus was exploited to take away constitutional freedoms to care for our own health. There were mandated distances between people, required masks and assembly limits even in our churches. Covid vaccine requirements were imposed to continue employment, got out to eat, and to travel. Our bodies became the property of the government to determine which groups of citizens will follow the government edicts or not.

Our freedom of speech was immediately attacked by the democrat media that presented biased, distorted, and massive lying to back President Biden’s actions while not allowing counter information to be aired. They went so far as to begin to employ a government Office of Disinformation to censor and counter information the administration did not want to discuss. This effort to legally punish citizens who exercise their free speech was summarily rejected by the people as entering the world of 1984.

The overreach was quickly followed by turning up the flame under the pot. In Uvalde, Texas the slaughter of 19 innocent fourth graders provided President Biden a sleazy opportunity to ban another Second Amendment right of US citizens: the Right to Bear Arms. The attacks on our Bill of Rights are relentless as well as is disarming our border patrol and our urban centers to increase lawlessness and chaos.

Our urban police force has been defunded as well as hindered by absurd restrictions from keeping law and order. Antifa and BLM were allowed to riot, destroy property, and attack innocent people without consequence. President Biden constantly emphasized “white racism” when videos showed store looting and physical attacks on others are generally committed by minority teenagers shooting indiscriminately in urban centers.

The U.S. citizens freedoms are standing in the way of international one-world government elites that desire to control the masses because we believe we have inalienable rights granted to us by God. The loss of individual freedoms is not only happening in the USA but throughout the world. Obviously, the USA is the biggest obstacle being the leader of the free world. If the US collapses, the freedom of all people on earth will suffer. The world is still watching the U.S. for leadership in combatting world totalitarianism.

The U.S. citizens can see every day the pot is boiling more violently. We must jump out now and make our voices heard to show we will fight for our God given human rights. This is the way to save us and the rest of the world from total tyranny. Submission to world slavery is not an option. It would be the death of human civilization. We can no longer stay in the boiling in water until we expire.

America must ban together with freedom loving people throughout the world. The world’s solidarity is needed to remain free and prevent world enslavement.

U.S. citizens should assemble throughout the nation in front of their local city halls on July 4th to get our government’s attention by celebrating independence. On July 5th celebrate “Tech Off Day” by not using any social media, or tech programs for them to realize we do not need them. Our right to assemble is a constitutional right and we need to utilize it. We need to express our determination for retaining our constitution and way of life and take the consequences. Besides, it is better than the slow death of being individually boiled in water. Let us be the example for the world by demonstrating the power of the people over tyrannical leaders.

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