Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh Claims to Be Receiving Death Threats Over New Documentary “What Is a Woman?”

Matt Walsh
Conservative political commentator, author, and host Matt Walsh, is claiming that he has been the victim of numerous death threats following the release of his controversial new documentary film, “What Is a Woman?” Image credit: Twitter Screenshot, What Is a Woman?

NASHVILLE, TN – Matt Walsh, conservative political commentator, author, and host of The Matt Walsh Show podcast on The Daily Wire, is claiming that he has been the victim of numerous death threats following the release of his controversial new documentary film, “What Is a Woman?”

Available only to subscribers of the Daily Wire website, the documentary features Walsh traveling around the world asking numerous individuals – including a pediatrician, a gender-affirming family and marriage therapist, and psychologist Jordan Peterson – “what is a woman?”

Walsh has described “What Is a Woman?” as an “assault on gender ideology” in what he said is a response to the efforts made by LGBTQ+ advocates to blur the lines between biological women and transgendered individuals. The film was specifically released on June 1, which is the first day of Pride Month.

However, some critics have accused the film of being transphobic, with some taking their ire even further, Walsh revealed in a June 6 tweet, by actually threatening his life.


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“There have been some explicit threats made against my life. Police are involved,” he said. “We knew it would probably come to this. We’re prepared for it.”

Walsh’s wife, Alissa, responded to the tweet, offering her support.

“Threat bingo. Let’s go. Did they think we would cower? Speak the truth and have faith,” she said.

Multiple clips from the film have gone viral, including a segment where Walsh gets a doctor to admit that they are prescribing drugs typically used to chemically castrate sex offenders to children who identify as transgender. In another scene, a University of Tennessee Professor says that a woman is “someone who identifies as a woman.”

Walsh also interviewed a former teammate of University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer Lia Thomas – who is biologically male, but competes as a woman – who said that,

“If you even brought up concerns about it, you were transphobic. If you even bring up the fact that Lia swimming might not be fair, you were immediately shut down, being called a hateful person or transphobic.”

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