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Op-Ed: The Cause Of Mass Killings Is Our Moral Decay

Community members at the Robb Elementary School memorial pray, visit, and leave tokens of affection at the crosses dedicated to the victims of the shooting. File photo: Jinitzail Hernandez, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – The ever-increasing senseless slaughter of innocent people is being blamed on anything and everything. Any anti-psychotic medication, the family breakup, sexual confusion, dysfunctional schools, global warming, social media, pandemic, electronics obsession, white racism, the criminal justice system, anxiety, depression, and most commonly: guns.

The absurd gun argument is the easiest to refute since more people are killed by hammers than by rifles. Besides fentanyl, reckless driving, viruses, and pharmaceutical drugs kill an incredible number of victims.  Are people supposed to stay in a totally enclosed safe place to protect themselves. Parents are raising snowflakes and becoming one themselves. Many citizens are lacking courage in their own lives to confront and solve their problems since they resent the hand they have been dealt.

The history of a person’s lifestyle cannot be isolated and determined to be the sole cause of their death or of others. There have been many self-destructive as well as sociopathic people who have been saved by not continuing anti-social or psychotic thoughts and actions. Some individuals have been honest enough to look at their own lifestyles and alter them to get better results. Others have someone point out significant errors in their thinking and/or behavior. Probably the most effective interaction to prevent insane acts is when an authority figure puts their foot down to punish the out-of-control person. This takes courage and honesty.

In the past loved ones, parents or other significant figures in the child’s life had the obligation and responsibility of parenting. In our modern world of parents being “buddies” with their children, and both parents working, punishment has become practically non-existent. Children are being left to living in their social media world with deviant concepts being implanted in their brains. This frightening immoral indoctrination process is occurring 24/7. 

We are not holding adults accountable. Our national legal system is releasing serial criminals with many arrests and convictions back on the street without bail. Obviously, they continue their often-brutal acts while the district attorneys receive positive recognition from the media for establishing political anarchy by releasing these criminals back on the street. Not only are these officials’ cowards for not performing their duties to protect the public, but are dishonest pimps for corrupt politicians. Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascon, financed by George Soros, is an example of a soft on crime policy that has put many convicted criminals back on the street.

The government education system is a pathetic indoctrinating warehouse for children. School is usually no help in guiding children in the right direction. Any teacher who stands up to bizarre or anti-social behaviors by students especially if it is violent or sexually related will be demoted or dismissed for their traditional value system. Deviant sexual acts are being taught in some government schools. These deviant acts are socially destructive and have been exposed by parents to be anti-American indoctrination. Parents are learning that our history, heroes, and our great institutions are twisted to be presented to your youngsters are horrible, racist, mean-spirited founders of our nation are being replaced by Marxist woke concepts.

In Uvalde, Texas, a small community where most everyone knew each other. Some police not only knew the students in the school but their children attended the school. All of the officers were ordered to stand down while panicked parents wanted to enter the building. They chose to follow the local decisions to stand down rather than to follow their human instincts to save the innocent children. A mother did climb a fence and rescued her two children during the 45-minute police standing down.

The Texas Department of Public Safety head, Steven McCraw, admitted the active shooter in Uvalde, Texas should have been confronted immediately. “With the benefit of hindsight, from where I’m sitting now, of course it was not the right decision. It was the wrong decision, period,” McCraw said. The officers and some parents will have to live with their decisions to follow the police instructions while these children were being traumatized and murdered.

It is much easier to go with the flow, however it is not always the best policy. When we close our eyes to wrong, destructive behavior it will eventually bite us or someone.

In our culture most people do not want to be the bad “no” guy. However, when moral people courageously standup they will not be popular but are teaching preventative moral lessons. These lessons repress evil, violence, and establish law and order in our homes, communities, and nation. Being morally honest to a lying con-artist is a noble, moral act. It is a moral counter to accepting violence and deception as inevitable. Let us do our moral duty to speak truth to the immorally powerful.

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