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Op-Ed: Heartbreak Over The Uvalde Slaughter

Community members at the Robb Elementary School memorial pray, visit, and leave tokens of affection at the crosses dedicated to the victims of the shooting. File photo: Jinitzail Hernandez, Shutter Stock, licensed.
Community members at the Robb Elementary School memorial pray, visit, and leave tokens of affection at the crosses dedicated to the victims of the shooting. File photo: Jinitzail Hernandez, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BROOKLYN, NY –  On the heels of the senseless mass murders in Buffalo, NY, the bloodbath that happened at the Robb Elementary School is a heartbreaking tragedy that could have been prevented. As usual, this is dividing our country even farther apart. 

Every time there is a mass shooting, whether it is at a school, a church, a synagogue, or a concert venue in Las Vegas (which was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history) there is plenty of blame to go around. 

When all is said and done, there is one person responsible for what happened at the school in Uvalde Texas. Salvador Ramos is the armed psychopath who chose to buy the guns, announce his plans to kill people at a school on social media, and go on his murderous rampage.    

Reports are that Salvador Ramos was mentally ill, and that he cut himself and had issues with drugs. He was angry that he didn’t graduate. Ramos obviously snapped at some point. Millions of people are diagnosed as mentally ill, but they don’t take out two schoolrooms full of kids.     

The response by law enforcement was horrendous. Video footage of parents desperately trying to get into the school to save their children while being pushed aside by the officers attests to the systemic failures within the police department in Uvalde.    

And I can’t erase the awful images in my mind as I try to imagine the terror the teachers and kids must have felt. Teachers feel responsible for their students. In addition to teaching, their role is to keep children safe in the classroom. The two murdered teachers were helpless. The killer told one of the teachers “Goodnight” and shot her in front of her students, killing her. What could she do? The next day, one teacher’s grieving husband had a heart attack and died

Desperate parents whose only instinct is to protect their children were held back from entering the school by police who weren’t doing their jobs.

The police did not break down the door while those poor children and teachers were barricaded with a psychopath for 78 agonizing minutes. That is a VERY long time. The murderer played “sad music” during the killings. It is sickening to think about the faces of all the terrorized children as they dialed 911 knowing they could be next to be shot, just waiting to die. They had to endure that horror for over an hour and the police did not intervene. 

The New York Times timeline of the events has the first student calling 911 multiple times for nearly an hour, and a second student called 911 as well. All those minutes ticking away with officers in the hallway, and they did not break into the rooms?

There were specially trained police officers that took a course in how to respond to school shootings, and when it happens in real time this is their response?

The surviving children will be traumatized for years after this horrific experience. No child should endure anything like this. 

The Uvalde police are cowards. The Uvalde School Police Chief Pete Arredondo should be fired. If the facts stand up, Arredondo and every police officer that held back and did not intervene to save those children should lose their badges and all should be charged with negligent homicide. If protecting their own lives meant more than protecting the children and teachers, that disqualifies them from being police officers. And it shouldn’t take federal agents to do the job they were hired to do, i.e., break the door down, engage the shooter and kill him. 

The immediate response by the Democratic Party has been atrocious. While the parents are grieving their dead children, Beto O’Rourke exploits the tragedy by making a fool of himself, barging into Governor Greg Abbott’s press conference to rant about nothing being done. If this had been one white Texas police officer shooting and killing a black suspect, O’Rourke would be mouthing off that police used excessive force. He is a political hack, an embarrassment to the Democratic Party and he can kiss his political career goodbye. 

While Obama is having his latest estate built in Hawaii, he had nothing better to do than to exploit the murders of these beautiful children by bringing up George Floyd in a tweet. How despicable can you get? Maybe Obama should keep his mind on his mansions and stay off Twitter. 

Then there are the pro-abortion Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Gov. Newsom and others looking for any excuse to take swipes at pro-lifers. 

To that point, right after this shooting happened, I watched an online event on the topic of abortion. The first speaker – a Democrat and abortion activist who supports killing babies up to birth – mentioned how she was devastated by what happened in Uvalde, and “horrified” that pro-lifers only care about unborn “fetuses” and not about the murders of living children.   

I am a pro-life activist. Does this article read like I only care about the unborn? 

This is not an issue about firearms. It’s about cowardice and incompetence in one small town police department.  It is also about decades of deranged ideas that have taken hold of the Democratic leadership and their media minions. If anyone does not care about human life, both born and unborn, it is the baby killing Democrat Party leaders. 

The Justice Department is doing an investigation. The answers that come out of this are likely to be bad. But the Democrats have no self-awareness. It is a step in the wrong direction if they believe that blaming good people will score points for them in November. If anything, by using the murders of children for political gain, they will likely lose the upcoming elections, and in a big way. 

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