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Op-Ed: F–k Gabe Kapler and the San Francisco Giants for Their Hatred For America

Gabe Kapler
Giants manager Gabe Kapler told reporters he will no longer come out for the national anthem before the start of each game following the massacre of schoolchildren just before Memorial Day. Screenshot, YouTube.

BOCA RATON, FL – Gabe Kapler, the manager of the San Francisco Giants has now come out of his role in baseball, to denigrate and show his hatred for all this country stands for. Shameful, disgusting but symptomatic of the disease of stupidity that causes many of our own to speak out in public of their intense disdain for our nation. And this idiot spoke out just before Memorial Day. Well, screw him and the rest of Major League Baseball, pro-football and the guys who dribble the ball down the court to throw it through metal hoops, all of whom, in lock step with those burning down our cities, looting stores and pushing innocents in front of speeding subway cars. Who needs them all? Not me. But there’s a message here.

Gabe speaks out in this land freely, not needing to be concerned for government retaliation. We are still a free nation. How would he fare in let’s say Cuba or Venezuela, where baseball is king, for his comments demeaning and calling out their governments? But we just missed having a Joseph Goebbel’s double installed by his friendlies in DC to screen our spoken and written words. A close call, but a sign of things to come, with his help. And strange that this Gabe guy works in San Francisco, yet I can find no mention of his speaking out to reform the situation in his city where thousands of homeless, druggies, many of them criminals, call the streets of SF home, making it more or less, a tent city. Does this major league star cry out for help to make these people human again? Does he offer, together with his team-mates, to go through the feces filled streets with shovels to clean up the mess? Wouldn’t that be the sanitary and right  thing to do?

And if I’m not mistaken, SF is represented in Congress by Nancy Pelosi. Has he looked into discussing with her the city’s situation and doing something to remediate it? Why, if the city and state are run by Gabe’s political look-alikes, why do its streets resemble hell? Shouldn’t those of the social awareness crowd have conquered the problems of homelessness, poverty and drug use by now? But silence on his part and of his ilk in professional sports is the true game they play.

I note, as well, that this Gabe Kapler guy is Jewish. Good for him. Not too many of us play kids’ games for monstrous bucks. Is he aware of the gratitude he should bestow on our nation for its saving the Jewish people in WWII and its stance behind Israel since its inception in 1948? Evidently not. The common enemies of both the U.S. and Israel chuckle at his comments that do their work for them. They just love his words.

If he has complaints about the shootings around the country, let him voice them without demeaning the flag or the National Anthem when played before he plays. Let him stand proudly, head bowed, in silent prayer for all he has. I have no use for him, his attitude and those who feel as he does about this nation, There are always flights out of this country and other nations who would welcome him, his buddies and their attitudes. He’s free to go at any time.

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