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Op-Ed: The One Constant – “Gun Free Zones”

gun free zones
Look at the past carnage’s that have taken place, and that same theme comes to the fore, people are sitting ducks in venues that proclaim to be “gun free zones”.  File photo: MD Photography, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The awful truth of the murders at Buffalo, N.Y. and Uvalde, Texas is that they were both “gun free zones”. Look at the past carnage’s that have taken place, and that same theme comes to the fore, people are sitting ducks in venues that proclaim to be “gun free zones”.  The question is, if that is a problem, what can be done about it? The answers from our politicians are emotional gibberish – ban the guns.

After every horrific event, the “gun grabbers” come out in force to lobby to get guns banned, mostly semi-automatic rifles and to condemn the NRA (National Rifle Association) and other pro-gun groups. Most all violent weapon murders are not committed by semi-automatic rifles. Other forms and means of murder which far outweigh the use of rifles are handguns, hammers, knives, bats, autos, poisonous drugs, and pressure cooker bombs etc.  It should be noted that most all perpetrators of gun murders are not by NRA members, so banning guns is not the answer as it would leave the average legal gun-toting gun owner in the lurch in protecting himself or herself and their family from potential harm and possible death.

We are bombarded in the media about these horrific senseless killings in a supermarket and a school, but you very seldom hear about the times legal gun owners have used their weapons to thwart a criminal from harming them or their family members. As they say, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. That’s a lifetime for anybody confronted with an armed or unarmed criminal intent on doing them harm.

Since most gun related crimes are not committed by members of the NRA or other gun groups or clubs, it would be foolish to disarm legal, trained, law-abiding citizens of their Constitutional right to own and use a firearm. Go after the criminal not the gun.

Look around the country today, where are most of the gun crimes being committed? Cities like Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis etc. are cities run by ultra-liberal Democrat mayors and city councils, many with very strict gun control laws on the books. Back in the 1990’s, then NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who took an active role in reducing excessive crime in his city, along with his Police Commissioner, Bill Bratten, when they instituted the “broken windows” approach to fighting petty crime, and the much maligned, by the liberals, “stop, ask, and frisk” policy, which removed many illegal guns off the street thereby reducing gun crimes and murders by more than 70%. Once liberal politicians took over and canceled those common sense crime thwarting laws, crime returned to those cities with a vengeance.

Now we have a debate as to how we can cut down on these senseless murders. A much better health care system is needed to get potential criminals off the street and to try to rehabilitate them before they carry out future crimes. This, of course, will lead to cries of denying civil rights to those so designated with a mental problem. It is a slippery slope we must confront. Next is to have armed, trained citizens legally to be allowed in the now restricted “gun free zones” like schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, churches, concert halls etc. In the schools we should have armed law enforcement personnel along with trained teachers and administrators and/or school personnel ready to go into action. Schools are very easy targets so with armed people present it might not fully protect the school, but it will mitigate the carnage done by a deranged murderer.

It seems that when some terrible gun killing takes place, the anti-gun fanatics come out of the woodwork to advocate gun confiscation (ex: Beto O’Rourke of Texas, Democrat candidate for governor), instead of insisting that the gun laws already on the books be implemented, and by initiating reasonable gun programs, and by using legally trained gun owning citizens to help augment the police.

Let’s be real, you will never be able to stop a deranged individual from committing an horrific act, but we would lessen the amount of damage that a criminal would deliver. Lessen the number of “gun free zones” and you’ll lessen the number of murders. That’s Common Sense 101.

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