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Op-Ed: Is “White Supremacy” the New Bogeyman for the Democrats?

Live-streamed from a camera on the Buffalo gunman’s helmet, Payton Gendron, 18, created a first-person view as he fired a rifle at 10 people.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The definition of “bogeyman” is: “A person or thing that is widely regarded as an object of fear”. Could or would that definition of bogeyman fit the present day Democrats and their lackey’s in the main stream media?

It seems that the words of the day among Democrats and the media is “White Supremacy”. If you happen to disagree with a position of what the majority of what Democrats believe, or if something happens adversely to a Black person, they then cry “White Supremacy” to explain what has happened. It is generally used along with the hackneyed word RACISM, whether it fits the situation or not.

The horrific massacre in Buffalo was looked upon by the Democrats and the media as a “White Supremacist” attack fueled by the rhetoric of Donald Trump, Republicans, and Fox News. It seems that the culprit, of this heinous attack, a young man of 18 years of age, had a myriad of mental problems fueled by him being radicalized by posts on the Internet. It seems he didn’t belong to any organized hate group.

This condemnation by the left leaning media and the Democrats seems to be directed at the one enemy they constantly allude to – yes, Donald Trump and the Republicans.

It is ironic that when that Black driver in Wisconsin drove his truck into a parade of mostly White people celebrating Christmas, no mention was made that this was a case of “Black Supremacy” or anything approaching that designation. It is a double standard worth mentioning.

It seems as President Biden’s poll numbers are sinking into the abyss, and the mid-term elections are on the horizon, the Democrats and the media are revving up the notion that “White Supremacy” is the biggest threat to the country in the hope to appeal to ignorant voters and to their ultra-liberal base.

One group called BLM (Black Lives Matter), has been shown to be a big shakedown organization who was supposed to be a positive force in the Black community by raising money to help the Black community, but as news has leaked out, almost none of the $90 million in donations collected by them for the Black community, has reached anyone in that community. In fact, much of that money went to the founders of BLM for their own personal use. Why hasn’t the Biden administration and the Democrats, and their bosom buddies in the news media, condemned BLM like they have falsely condemned Donald Trump and the Republicans? Would it be a case of blatant politics? Is the Pope Catholic?

You’d think that the weekly and monthly toll of murders, in the mostly Black-run cities, would generate some outrage as the murders of Black people being murdered are done by other Black people, and not by “White Supremacists”. That should be the rallying cry of the Democrats and the media, to put the blame where blame should be put.

This bogus ploy by the left leaning Democrats and news media to equate most everything with “White Supremacy” will backfire on them in this years mid-term elections as Republicans seem  destined to be the big winners in both the House and Senate races. The people are not that stupid to believe the hypocrisy of the “racial arsonists”, who want to divide the country by race or ethnicity, with the help of President Biden who was supposed to be the great unifier.

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