Op-Ed: Biden’s Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty On Matters Of Health To Sinister W.H.O. Will Choke Us Of Our Liberties

President Joe Biden attends the European Union Summit at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Right now, at this very moment, the WHO is meeting in Geneva, ready to vote on measures specifically submitted by Biden that would hand over U.S. sovereignty on matters of health to that sinister, dangerous group. Madness. File photo: Alexandros Michailidis, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – Not satisfied with destroying our country from within, bumbling Biden is now forging straight ahead to bring us under the domination of another international alphabet group, the WHO, which stands for The World Health Organization. Like its inept twin, the United Nations, WHO is made up of world wide terror supporting, dictator led, human rights violating nations, such as, Afghanistan, China, Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela, all nestled among ready-to-be-devoured democracies like ours. Back in May 2020, then President Trump bravely terminated our relationship with WHO, over its abject failure to enact reforms in the face of growing concerns over its handling of the coronavirus epidemic and its pro-China bias in protecting that nation from scrutiny over its obvious guilt in subjecting the world to this killer disease. Biden in one of his first (of many) destructive acts as president was to bring the USA back into the folds of WHO. And he’s still pushing for that group’s tentacles to choke us of our liberties.

Right now, at this very moment, the WHO is meeting in Geneva, ready to vote on measures specifically submitted by Biden that would hand over U.S. sovereignty on matters of health to that sinister, dangerous group. Madness. These “suggestions” would allow the WHO to declare a health emergency anywhere in our country, require the U.S. to report to an international “Compliance Committee” on whether it was obeying WHO directives, and would create an enforcement mechanism to essentially punish any nation that doesn’t follow the WHO’s directives. Our own citizens would be at the mercy of this international bunch of losers whose directives would supersede those of our own elected congressional leaders.

Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, ranking member of the House Global Health Committee called it,

“The Biden Administration’s absurd proposal to surrender U.S. sovereignty to the corrupt WHO is an egregious breach of constitutional principle that would lead to less accountability and more misconduct by this problematic agency.”

And Mat Staver, chairman of the Liberty Counsel said,

“And that would mean whether it’s social distancing, whether businesses are essential or not, whether churches are essential, lock-downs, different kinds of treatment, all of that would be under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of an international body and no longer under the United States of America.”

These amendments, submitted by our own President Biden are worded in a way that would give the WHO authority over all of us. And further, we could be dragged to a global court if we do not comply with sanctions by all other members as punishment. Do we want this?

To top it all off, the agency’s director is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a former government minister from Ethiopia and the only director-general who was not a medical doctor. He’s a typically corrupt bureaucrat, plain and simple, not even qualified to spray hydrogen-chloride onto a scratch. Yet he was permitted, by virtue of his post to mis-manage the Covid crisis from the start. He is an overt political pawn, owned lock stock and barrel by China, whom he immediately cleared as responsible for the spread of the epidemic. His agency initially stated that the virus wasn’t likely to mutate rapidly and he’s noted for covering up one of the biggest sex scandals in U.N. history, his agency’s workers raping young women in the Congo during an Ebola breakout. He’s a loser, responsible for the deaths of countless victims during many epidemics world-wide.

As for Biden’s amendments which will surely be accepted by the WHO this week, we shake our heads in dismay and worry that our independence will be at risk. We support Republican Senators Cotton and Daines for their letter to the White House calling for the U.S. to immediately leave the WHO again, as we did under President Trump. A quote from the note, “The WHO absolutely cannot be trusted with more power.” Amen to that.

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