COPS: Arby’s Manager Urinated in Milkshake Mix for Sexual Gratification; Arrested on Charged With Assault; Potential Victims Sought

Stephen Sharp
According to authorities, 29 year-old Stephen Sharp, the manager of an Arby’s restaurant in Vancouver, admitted to detectives that while he was working alone in the evening he had urinated in the milkshake mix twice before for sexual gratification. File photo: Nolichuckyjake (background), Shutter Stock, licensed. Sharp: DailyMail via social media.

VANCOUVER, WA – Police detectives conducting an investigation into child pornography unveiled video footage of a manager at an Arby’s fast food restaurant urinating into a container of milkshake mix for his own sexual gratification, according to Vancouver, Washington Police Department.

Stephen Sharp, manager of the Arby’s located in the 200 block of Northeast 104th Avenue in Vancouver, was the subject of an investigation into allegations that he possessed dozens of photos and videos of children being sexually exploited, cops say.

While being interviewed by detectives on May 10, Sharp confessed that he had sexual desires for children and admitted that he had downloaded and distributed child pornography; it was eventually revealed that he had downloaded the disturbing material on at least one occasion while working at the Arby’s restaurant itself.

However, upon searching Sharp’s cell phone and computer, police found something else that was completely unexpected- video footage of the Arby’s manager urinating into a container of the restaurant’s milkshake mix. When confronted, Sharp said that he had added his personal “secret ingredient” into milkshake mixes at least twice for what he described as “sexual gratification.”

Sharp was placed under arrest and booked into the Clark County Jail on charges of possession of child pornography, dealing with child pornography and assault. Police say they do not believe other Arby’s employees at that location were aware of Sharp’s bizarre fetish of peeing into the restaurant’s milkshake mixes.

Police urge any unfortunate individuals who believe they may have purchased and/or consumed a milkshake from the Arby’s located at 221 Northeast 104th Avenue in Vancouver, Washington, on October 30 or 31, 2021, to contact Detective Robert Givens at [email protected]. A receipt of the purchase will be needed.

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