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Op-Ed: Biden Is Deconstructing Our Republic By Acting The Fool, But Is He Really Acting?

f President Biden is suffering from dementia or is being programmed by ex-President Obama to introduce the radical concepts in an innocuous manner or he is play acting, the result is the same. These totalitarian ideas are presented by the democrat media as positive. File photo: Alexandros Michailidis, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – President Biden is dismantling our republic along with a united democrat party and the mass media. This is being done with lightning speed. They are in the process of replacing our republic with a one-world-government. Checks and balances, three branches of government and state’s rights are being disregarded.

This charade has kept everyone off balance. An incoherent President Biden is a perfect cover to introduce radical ideas since the average citizen has already stopped concentrating on what he is saying. Too many people have little idea of the implications of these rambling statements, but the media focuses on certain ideas that become the message. The media’s positive appraisal justifies these consequential changes while not noting the negative possibilities of his statements. Our Marxist media is creating a pseudo reality.

As conservative politicians ridicule his stuttering, forgetfulness, and erroneous remarks, President Biden’s administration sneaks in policy changes and continues the left’s existing unpopular policies. The call for Defunding the Police was inspired by supposedly white racist police who were inciting riots. Antifa and Black Lives Matter’s demonstrations were described by the media as nonviolent even though they set fire to businesses and used weapons indiscriminately. The public saw these riots night after night but the media called them “peaceful demonstrations.”

Repression of our constitutional freedoms has been initially attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic. The social distancing, mask wearing, and vaccines were mandated under the guise of science by the CDC. Every manufactured crisis enables the Biden administration to give cover to restrict citizens’ freedoms so there will be more.

The humiliating Afghanistan withdrawal debacle was devastating for our national reputation as the leader of the world. This story was buried by the media. High gas prices were caused in part by President Biden’s cancelling of the Keystone Pipeline, oil leases, and environmental protection. The Russian intrusion into Ukraine was blamed for the rise in interest rates. The democrat media often projects democrat failures on the republicans.

President Biden has recently confirmed that it is the teachers who are the “parents” of the government school students. This is not a joke but the groundwork to demean the patriarchal family has been assiduously planned and implemented by Hollywood and intellectuals for the past several decades. The reaction by the public to these absurd statements has been strong. The democrat media supports removing the role of parents, while most citizens are irate and are fighting for their parental rights.

President Biden in a clear and direct statement said, more than half of the electorate “MAGA movement is the most extreme political organization in American history” and “the GOP is an existential threat to the nation’s democracy further dividing the nation into good and bad.” This statement opens the floodgates further for central government illegally adding to the list of insurrectionists who are in prison for over a year for misdemeanors. These US citizens have not yet received a trial by their peers that they are entitled to by our constitution. Law abiding citizens are put on notice that any disagreement with this woke government can result in imprisonment.

If President Biden is suffering from dementia or is being programmed by ex-President Obama to introduce the radical concepts in an innocuous manner or he is play acting, the result is the same. These totalitarian ideas are presented by the democrat media as positive to the people.

Abortion advocates are attempting to silence the Right-To-Life Movement by disrupting Sunday church services and protesting in front of Supreme Court justices’ homes. Both of these are unconstitutional, violating the First Amendment.

The result is the United States is being degraded on all fronts by this administration. Our freedoms are being restricted; the economic inflation is skyrocketing with no end in sight. On the world stage we have lost respect as the leader of the free world. Free speech and freedom of religion are crucial to our republic’s institutions, yet they are being repressed at every turn. Patriotic Americans must speak truth to power.

Citizens are speaking up although this must grow in intensity to compete with the media’s monopoly of the electronic and television media.

The more there is speech, the more the silent majority will hear and understand the gravity of the present political situation. Either we will lose our individual freedoms to a one-world government or reassert our voices and vote to put us back on the capitalistic freedom track to greatness. Americans pay attention and vote for people who believe in the republican system of government or you will no longer remain a free people.

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