VIDEO: Whistleblower from FBI Says “Vast Majority” of Agents Troubled By Agency’s Direction; Claims “Political Vendetta” Against Project Veritas

Project Veritas
A whistleblower from within the FBI has come forward saying that the direction the agency is headed in troubles the vast majority of agents and that he is coming forward to reveal that Project Veritas appears to be a victim of political Vendetta by the agency.

NEW YORK, NY – Conservative undercover group Project Veritas is claiming a whistleblower from within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has leaked an internal document that states the agency specifically targeted “news media” organizations – including Project Veritas itself – that are connected to the alleged theft of the diary of President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, in 2020.

It was reported that the Justice Department has been investigating the diary’s disappearance since October 2020; the diary was later presented to Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe in an attempt to sell it, but the organization declined to publish it, with O’Keefe subsequently turning it over to law enforcement.

But in November 2021, FBI agents had conducted a widely-condemned raid and searched O’Keefe’s apartment – after having previously raided the homes of two other Project Veritas members – as part of their investigation into the alleged theft.

As per the document leaked to Project Veritas by the whistleblower, the FBI is purported to have ignored the freedoms afforded to the press in the United States by the Privacy Protection Act of 1980 (PPA) – which allows journalists to publish stolen materials as long as they were not involved in the theft – and engaged in an investigation of the group, which they classified as “news media.”

This classification runs in direct contrast with a previous claim by the Department of Justice (DOJ), which had maintained that their targeting of Project Veritas was completely legitimate because they believed they were involved in the theft of the diary, and because the DOJ didn’t consider Veritas reporters to actually be “journalists.”

“Project Veritas is not engaged in journalism within any traditional or accepted definition of that word,” DOJ lawyers said. “Its ‘reporting’ consists almost entirely of publicizing non-consensual, surreptitious recordings made through unlawful, unethical, and or/dishonest means.”

The leak also noted that the investigation into Ashley Biden’s diary was classified by the FBI as “Threat Band I,” which typically covers “threat issues that are likely to cause the greatest damage to national interests or public safety in the coming year.”

The whistleblower, who has reportedly been an agent with the FBI for several years, said he leaked the document to Project Veritas because “The direction that the agency has headed in troubles a vast majority of the agents.”

“Tyranny happens incrementally, and it happens by a bunch of people agreeing to small injustices over and over simply to keep their paycheck and their pension,” the whistleblower said. “To maintain your paycheck and pension that gives you the Holocaust.”

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