Alabama Murder Suspect and Prison Escapee Had Ties to White Supremacist Prison Gang, the “Southern Brotherhood”

Casey White
On Thursday, the US Marshals Service released photos of 6-foot-9-inch, 330 pound Casey White sporting numerous tattoos that showed an affiliation with a white supremacist prison gang known as the Southern Brotherhood.

FLORENCE, AL – Casey Cole White’s escape from an Alabama jail has been a highly-publicized affair, after the capital murder suspect was essentially sprung from the facility by its assistant director of corrections. The two have been on the lam ever since, and new reports say that tattoos Casey White has inscribed on his body indicate ties to a white supremacist prison gang.

Casey White, 38 – who has admitted to murdering a 58 year-old woman – was seen on surveillance video on April 29 being escorted out of the Lauderdale County jail in Florence by Vicky White, 56 – with whom he shares no relation – indicating that his escape was well-planned in advance.

On Thursday, the US Marshals Service – which is leading the search for Casey White – released photos of the 6-foot-9-inch, 330 pound missing fugitive sporting numerous tattoos that showed an affiliation with a white supremacist prison gang known as the Southern Brotherhood.

In addition, the Marshals Service also released a photo of Vicky White with her normally blonde hair photoshopped to appear brown, in case she has dyed it to avoid being recognized by authorities.

Casey was originally charged in September 2020 with capital murder after it was alleged that he had stabbed Connie Ridgeway to death; at the time of his imprisonment, he was serving a 75-year sentence in connection with a series of crimes he committed in 2015, including home invasion and carjacking.

Casey and Vicky – who had been a corrections officer for 17 years – reportedly had a “special relationship” for approximately two years before she eventually helped him to escape. The two left Lauderdale County jail under the pretense that Vicky was bringing Casey for a “mental health evaluation,” but instead the two fled and have not been seen since.

Just a month prior to the jailbreak, Vicky is said to have sold her house for about $100,000 and withdrew all of her money from the bank. Authorities say the couple – who may be traveling in a 2007 orange Ford Edge, which Vicky had recently purchased – should be considered “armed and dangerous,” and may be packing an AR-15 rifle, handguns and a shotgun.

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