Sky News Host Calls Joe Biden “International Joke” After Latest Embarrassing Gaffes Live On Camera

Biden suffers ANOTHER autocue gaffe
Biden suffered yet another embarrassing gaffe while issuing a statement on the situation in Ukraine, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi who told her international audience that Biden’s brain “appeared to break again.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Joe Biden’s brain “appeared to break again,” according to Sky News host Rita Panahi, who introduced a clip on the Australian news program last week depicting the U.S. President attempting to condemn Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, but having difficulty forming a coherent sentence while doing so.

Delivering remarks at the White House on Thursday, Biden, 79, announced he signed a request to Congress for new security and economic assistance to Ukraine.

In addition to the funding, Biden also spoke on efforts to seize and repurpose assets of Russian oligarchs, at which point he suffered an embarrassing gaffe live on camera as he repeatedly stumbled as he tried to pronounce the word “kleptocracy.”

“We’re going to seize their yachts, their luxury homes, and other ill-begotten gains of Putin’s kleptoc…chh accga..akk. yeah. Kleptocracy and klep…the guys who are the kleptocracies,” Biden said. “But these are bad guys.”

Prior to that flub, Biden also erred when he said that the U.S. will “accommodate” the Russian oligarchs; the official White House transcript would later change the word “accommodate” to “hold accountable.”

Reaction on Twitter was, as expected, not favorable to the President, with Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) simply tweeting “Alarming” and saying “Biden’s brain just broke, again.”

Vernon Jones, who is running for Congress in Georgia, appealed to Biden’s wife to step in and do something about her husband’s well-being.

@DrBiden, this has to end. Stop allowing your husband to be abused,” he tweeted. “For the love of your family and country, put his health first. Take President Biden home before it’s to[sic] late.”

Biden has faced repeated calls to submit to cognitive testing to ensure that he is up to the task of leading the free world. In February, 38 GOP members headed up by Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-MD) sent a letter Biden, which expressed their concern with “your current cognitive state” and encouraged him to have his mental faculties evaluated.

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