Heavily Censored “Plandemic” Producer Mikki Willis Speaks at DTLA Event in Los Angeles, Announces Release of Free Audiobook Version

Mikki Willis
Independent investigative filmmaker Mikki Willis was among a long list of other speakers who joined thousands of attendees at the ‘Defeat The Mandates’ Rally held at Grand Park in Los Angeles, CA.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Mikki Willis, the producer of the controversial documentaries Plandemic: The Hidden Agenda Behind COVID-19 and Plandemic: Indoctornation – who recently spoke at a “Defeat the Mandates” rally in Los Angeles – has announced he is releasing a free version of his book Plandemic: Fear Is the Virus. Truth Is the Cure, which contains a look at the makings of his two films he describes as “an exposé of the truth behind the origins of COVID-19.”

Defeat The Mandates LA took place on Sunday, April 10th at Grand Park in Los Angeles, and saw thousands of attendees. Among the approximately 70 featured speakers were Dr. Robert Malone, Lara Logan, Naomi Wolf, Steve Kirsch, Judy Mikovits, and a long list of others.

The Plandemic series is touted as being the “most seen and censored documentary in history,” and makes numerous controversial claims, such as vaccines being “a money-making enterprise that causes medical harm,” in addition to exploring themes of loss of free speech and free choice.

The Amazon page for Willis’ Plandemic: Fear Is the Virus. Truth Is the Cure describes the book as “A fascinating behind-the-scenes account about the making of Plandemic and Plandemic: Indoctornation; an exposé of the truth behind the origins of COVID-19; an alarming examination of individuals, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, and organizations like the CDC, NIH, WHO, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, among others, driving the global vaccination agenda; and a look at the tech giant and mainstream media forces doing their utmost to silence and suppress the veracity of these findings.”


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In an email newsletter, Willis claimed his book was already a “5 star best seller,” but despite its early success, he said he would be releasing an audiobook version of it for free… something that was always his intention to do.

“Thanks to you, Plandemic: Fear is the Virus. Truth is the Cure, is a 5 star best seller! But all that has come to an end. For the same reason I gave my Plandemic movie series away for free, I have decided to give away my audiobook,” he said. “The reason is simple. The information revealed in my movies and in my book does not belong to me. It belongs YOU, the PEOPLE. I recorded the Plandemic audiobook with the intention of giving it away!”

Willis explained his reasoning behind the giveaway of his explosive book, saying that it was never his intention to profit off of his documentary films and books.

I’ve had numerous industry professionals try hard to convince me to monetize the Plandemic brand,” he said. “Here’s what I tell them: ‘If your home was robbed and I caught the thieves, how would you feel if I tried to sell your personal belongs back to you?’”

Willis shared a link for interested parties to obtain a free copy of his audiobook

When the hardcover version of the book was released last year, Willis announced 100 percent of the profits would go to the development of a new youth mentoring program, known as The Pride. In the newsletter, Willis noted The Pride is already in its first quarter and the kids under its care are “thriving.”

Willis concluded by announcing that a third entry in the Plandemic series would be premiering in July 2022. Currently, he said that the film is in its final phase, with the final interviews being conducted before the editing process begins.

“This third installment of the series will rise above the cacophony of the COVID debate to focus on – the big picture, how we got here, how we get out, and the most viable solutions to protecting our children and rebuilding our lives, our communities and our nations,” Willis said.

The Pandemic series of books and films by Willis has been touted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Founder of Children’s Health Defense, award winning investigative journalists Ben Swann, Lara Logan, and many others.

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