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Op-Ed: Dr. Scott W. Atlas; An American Hero

Scott W. Atlas
Dr. Scott Atlas is a Senior Fellow in Health Policy at Stanford’s highly acclaimed Hoover Institute, former professor and Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, and Founding Fellow of Hillsdale College’s Academy for Science and Freedom in Washington, D.C.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –  They say crises bring out the best and the worst in people. They also often inspire a few gallant men and women to rise to the occasion at great cost to themselves—whether that involves risking their livelihoods, reputations, or even their lives—to fight for the rest of us.

Dr. Scott Atlas, Senior Fellow in Health Policy at Stanford’s highly acclaimed Hoover Institute, former professor and Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, Founding Fellow of Hillsdale College’s Academy for Science and Freedom in Washington, D.C., is one such hero, as he sounded the alarm over the nation’s disastrous lockdown/shutdown policies to fight a microbe.

When President Trump got wind of Atlas’ scientific and rational approach to keeping the vulnerable safe while sending everyone else back to school or work, he invited the doctor to come to the White House to enlighten the Task Force and the public as to how to proceed for the good of all.

Predictably, Atlas was subsequently roundly condemned in our national Pravda media, and perhaps even more disgracefully, by no fewer than ninety-eight of his colleagues at Stanford, who couldn’t wait to virtue signal by distancing themselves from one of their peers who dared to challenge the group think Covid narrative by speaking the truth.

Dr. Atlas Goes to Washington

Like the iconic Mr. Smith before him—played unforgettably by Jimmy Stewart in the classic film—Dr. Atlas was in for a rude awakening in the halls of government. His quickly became the lone voice crying in the wilderness, urging a reasonable, demonstrably scientifically valid, common sense way to save our quickly crumbling nation while lowering fatalities among our elderly—the most vulnerable to Covid.

One would think the Task Force members, none of whom was a health policy expert, would have welcomed his presence, advice and professional opinion. However, they didn’t take kindly to someone correctly pointing out that the Emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes. After all, they’d been pursuing the same disastrous course of action for some six months, and though it had been a gargantuan failure on every level, insisted on keeping it going strong. How rude of this interloper to point this out! Atlas quickly became a barely tolerated pariah in the Task Force meetings.

In fact, upon Dr. Atlas joining the Task Force for the first time, Dr. Smirx, I mean Birx, asked him point blank how long he’d be attending their meetings. And later, Dr. Faustus told CNN that everyone on the Task Force was in agreement, except for one “outlier.” That would be the one telling the truth.

In his riveting account of his time in Washington, A Plague On Our House, Atlas chronicles how the members of the Coronavirus Task Force and assorted team players conspired to neuter him and his valiant attempts to provide the American people with the truth and thus to end the insanity and destruction of the lockdowns, and to open schools and colleges again.

Time and again, the Task Force members and associated Deep Staters closed ranks and drowned out Dr. Atlas’ message with their loud chorus of soundbite inanities to preserve the narrative of the Plandemic psy-op:

“Lockdowns work!” “You’re on the fringe!” “Masks work!” “Don’t rock the boat!” “They don’t even know they’re sick!” (That gem from Dr. La Scarf ). “We need more testing!” “Cases are rising!” “Don’t rock the boat!” “What if we’re not sure?” (Dr. Fraudster) “Schools are at risk!” “Super-spreader events!” “Slow the spread!” “Don’t rock the boat!”


Dr. Atlas recounts being repeatedly stunned by the absence of logic, science and data at every meeting of these supposed public health “experts” who also seemed impervious to facts that disproved their cherished narrative.

What he may not have realized at the time is that, contrary to appearances, these people are not just stupid—they’re evil.  They knew what they were doing was wrong. They were taking orders, following a plan: the globalist cabal’s plan to weaken and gut America by decimating the middle class, disrupting nearly every sector of our society, and enabling an enormous wealth transfer from We the People and our beloved neighborhood Mom-and-Pop businesses, to the vast corporate pockets of Jeff Bezos’ Amazon and the Big Box stores, among other colluding profiteers, not to mention Big Pharma’s deadly boondoggle waiting in the wings.

Tragically, one can also readily imagine a cohort of Trump’s trusted inner circle after November 4th, many of the same people, urging the President to step down, though he knew he’d won the election, and singing a similar refrain to the tune of “Think of the optics!” and “Don’t rock the boat!”


For a brief and glorious moment, Scott Atlas triumphed over the deadly duo, Dr. Fraudster and Dr. Smirx.

Largely due to Atlas pointing out the flaws with testing low-risk populations and the many issues with PCR tests, Drs. Giroir (Testing Czar) and Redfield (CDC Dirctor) agreed that the CDC testing guidelines should be revised.  Redfield circulated his revised draft among the Task Force members, including Dr. Atlas, so they could add their own edits. The resultant sea change in CDC guidelines restored the testing decision to the individual and his/her physician.  Testing would increase for nursing homes, and decrease for he general population. Bravo!

Only one problem.

The American Propaganda Machine, aka mainstream media, pundits, talking heads, etc. pushed back hard.  Outrage echoed across all platforms. Governor Newsom of California, never one to miss an opportunity to be on the wrong side of any major issue, declared: “I don’t agree with the CDC guidance period, full stop, and it’s not the policy in the state of California.”

Why was the Woke Left suddenly abandoning their idolized CDC? They screamed there must have been “top-down” (as in Trumpian) pressure on the agency to change the rules! After all, the new ones directly interfered with the “contact tracing” surveillance program and continuing fearmongering so central to the Plandemic agenda.

After two weeks of media meltdowns—not to mention a whopper by Dr. FauxChi, who claimed he was in the hospital undergoing surgery when the changes were made—Redfield quietly removed all the revisions to the CDC guidelines, which fell predictably back into the corrupt, destructive status quo. No wonder Dr. Atlas used the term Kafkaesque to describe his D.C. experience.

The brouhaha over this short-lived victory for common sense underscores that it was never about “the science” or the CDC—it was always about the larger agenda: the takedown of America.


What does it take to destroy a presidency? To destroy a country?

In our case, it may have only taken a crabby, scarf-clad killjoy named Birx flying from state to state to spread bad tidings—partially of her own making—to convince mainly Dem Governors to wreck their states. After all, there was a virus on the loose! So let’s undo Trump’s economic miracle, shut down the small businesses that are the engine of American prosperity and the heart of their communities, close the schools to further dumb down and traumatize our kids, and pretend our hospitals are overflowing in order to frighten people to death. Then force people to cover their mouths and noses with toxic synthetic masks from Communist China, so we can’t see each other’s faces, can’t relate normally, and have to breathe in our own ‘exhaust’ air, while dramatically curtailing the amount of oxygen we get with every breath.

Brilliant! But only if you wanted to make people sick, scared, and bankrupt—or at least poorer—and to destroy their country.


For millions of Americans, myself included, Dr. FauxChi quickly became the face of the “Pandemic”—that is, of the overweening and catastrophic governmental response to the 2020 flu. Granted he had a knack for depressing an entire nation with just a sentence or two as he played his infamous role of the Emperor of Covid.

But one of the shocks I got from reading Scott Atlas’ eye-popping first-person account of the sausage-making apparatus of the Covidian Huddle and Task Force, was that Dr. Deborah Birx, aka Scarf Lady, really ran the show! In fact, she absolutely controlled the Task Force and nearly all the messaging that eventually reached the public.

Astonishingly, the entire Task Force along with nearly everyone involved in the Trump Administration’s Covid response lived in mortal fear of upsetting the notoriously thin-skinned, ill-tempered Birx.

But by October, as the political winds began blowing favorably for Trump’s reelection, Seema Verma, head of CMS/Medicare, told Scott, “… we need to get rid of Birx. She is a disaster! She keeps saying the same things over and over; she’s incredibly insecure; she doesn’t understand what’s going on. We need to eliminate her moving forward.” (A Plague Upon Our House, p. 237). This after months of Birx nixing everything Scott had recommended.

Remember when La Birx, after insisting that we give up Thanksgiving and just twiddle our thumbs under virtual house arrest rather than getting together with our families, actually flew home to spend Thanksgiving with hers? Seems the Newsom, Pelosi, Birx types understand full well that the rules they make are for us peons—not for themselves.

Dr. Deborah Birx traveled with family out of state over Thanksgiving weekend — disregarding her own advice to stay home and not gather during the holidays… Birx — who has a home in Washington, DC, and another in Potomac, Maryland — defended the trip, saying she needed to take care of winterizing the property before a potential sale.

“I did not go to Delaware for the purpose of celebrating Thanksgiving,” Birx said in a statement.

Nice try, Dr. Scarf.

Interestingly, once Birx tasted a morsel of well-deserved public fury, she headed for the door, suddenly announcing her retirement. Poor thing—she said the criticism was “very difficult on my family.”

Um, Deborah, how do you think your endless pushing for business and school closures has been on the families of countless numbers of the American people? I guess that’s been a bit more difficult than having your feelings hurt by being called out for rank hypocrisy, eh?


From my point of view, the most painful sentence in Dr. Atlas’ entire exposé of the inner workings of the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Task Force turned out to be a quote by the President himself. During a tête-à-tête between the two men, Dr. Atlas explained the need for strategically focused testing, and Trump agreed but remained frustrated, adding, “You’ll have to convince my son-in-law of that.”

Hold on there! Who’s in charge? Who’s the President? Where does the buck stop?

This was the problem. As I see it, Trump had already lost the country to Establishment hack doctors, entrenched bureaucrats, and out-of-their-depth novices, including his own son-in-law who arguably should never have been brought into his fledgling administration.

In an American Thinker article, Dr. John Dale Dunn quotes Dr. Paul Elias Alexander’s personal account of his brief, tumultuous stint for the Trump Administration in the spring of 2020. He’d had the temerity to criticize the insanely unscientific and destructive policies of Fauci/Birx/Collins, who unceremoniously informed him:

Trump is powerless‘ they told me, he has zero power. Nothing he says matters to them in the deep state bureaucracy… As they told me, ‘he is only visiting, we run things’…

This is largely what Dr. Atlas discovered as well. The Deep State—career bureaucrats on board with the takedown of America in favor of the elites’ One World Government agenda—along with other quislings and clueless neophytes, consistently undermined the President of the United States, and thus, the American people.

We owe a large debt of gratitude to men like Canadian Dr. Paul Alexander and our own Dr. Scott Atlas, for doing their utmost to rescue America from the stranglehold of the Faucian/Birxian/Redfieldian catastrophic Covid agenda. They paid a high price for their outspokenness. We can only imagine how much better off we’d be today had they, and others like them—the real scientists and adamant truth-tellers—prevailed.

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