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Op-Ed: Choosing to Fight for Good or Evil

If you are fighting for freedom, truth, love, and families you are likely a good, honest, and beneficial person. Assuredly, you are fighting for good and against evil, and will be blessed for it. File photo: Zapomicron, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT  – Throughout history, many have fought for what is good and helpful while others have fought for what is evil and hurtful. What we choose to fight for or against is the ultimate expression of who we are and what we really want. Whichever choice we make has immediate and eternal consequences.

The choice is complicated by the fact that the evil side pretends to be good and accuses the good side of being evil. The prophet Isaiah warned us about this very thing saying: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (KJV Isaiah 5:20)

Fortunately, the historical record makes it easy to identify some of the fundamental differences between good and evil. Consider the following:

Freedom. The good side fights for freedom and the evil side fights against it. The fight against freedom—in the forms of communism and socialism—has killed more than 100 million people. Left-leaning Americans are actively fighting most forms of freedom, especially freedom of speech, free and fair elections, free enterprise, freedom of religion, and rights of self-defense. The political, educational, and business leaders who fight against freedom are siding with the most destructive cause in human history. For more happiness and less misery, always remember this basic fact: The good side fights for freedom, not against it.

To be clear, labeling or censoring opposition opinions as “disinformation” or “hate speech” lands you firmly on the wrong side of the fight for freedom. An interesting article including examples can be found here.

Truth. The good side consistently tells the truth while the evil side depends on deception. Left-side lying is so pervasive that they have even started denying the existence of truth. I have published three articles about truth and liars that can be found herehere, and here. The following quote is from one of those articles:

The ability to discern truth, the wisdom to value it, and the willingness to live by it are among the most important issues of life. If we do not seek to discover truth and align our lives with it, we can be easily tricked, trapped, or oppressed …  People lie in order to facilitate illicit theft, get power, or for some other kind of gain or advantage.

If you support lying to advance what you think is a good cause, such as Marxist social justice, you should stop pretending to be on the right side of history. When we learn to love the truth enough to fight for it, we will join the host of heroes and angels who have resisted the tyranny of deception.  

Love and Hate. One of the best things about the good side is that they enjoy loving and being loved. One of the worst things about the evil side is that they are willing to hate, enslave, and kill to get what they want. Marxism, communism, socialism, and fascism are all founded on and perpetuated by class hatred. Hate the factory or property owner, hate the Jew, hate white people, hate men, hate yourself. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, and many “anti-racist” programs seem to be guilty of encouraging hate and violence.

Americans were overcoming most class and race problems until hustlers and power mongers started promoting hate. Rather than fanning the fires of hate, we need to strive for more kindness and love. Nearly everyone knows that living in peace is joyful and living in a state of perpetual hate is miserable. Those who perpetuate hate and want to fight for it need to be pitied rather than supported.

Family. Almost all significant civilizations have recognized that the family is the fundamental and necessary component of social and economic organization. Mothers and fathers have successfully served, provided for, and trained their children for thousands of years. In families, most children learn how to love and how to pass it along from generation to generation.

Most of us cherish our families enough to be willing to fight to preserve them. However, a well-organized coalition of evil is trying to destroy the traditional family. Extensive attacks on the family have been well documented in the book, The Invincible Family, which includes the following quotes:    

Against a landslide of data in favor of the family, modern feminists, socialists, and sexual radicals stubbornly insist that if the biological family is abandoned completely, equality-induced euphoria will engulf the globe. As these zealous disciples continue to toil for the disappearance of motherhood, one is left to wonder what the state of the world might be when mothers are finally thrown on the scrap heap of history. I can imagine no greater hell than a world without mothers. (133)

This is [the radical Left’s] four-pronged proposal: Remove children from the tyranny of parents, give them equal sums of money to buy whatever they want, give them political power, and let them have lots of sex. Then they will become well-behaved, peaceful, secure, loving, cooperative beings who grow up to be well-adjusted, selfless adults who carry on the feminist, socialist dream of utopian equality. (30)

Comprehensive sexuality education is among the most potent weapons in the arsenal of family destruction. It pulls little children onto its lap and tells them it is their rightful quest to seek and experience sex outside the protective guardrails of committed family living…It speaks little of parenthood and much of pleasure. It speaks much of rights and little of wrongs. Mothers and fathers are consistently the best gatekeepers of their children’s well-being. Sexual rights activists, who have a monetary interest in sexualizing children, are not. (215)

In conclusion, if you are fighting for freedom, truth, love, and families you are likely a good, honest, and beneficial person. Assuredly, you are fighting for good and against evil, and will be blessed for it. If you are fighting against freedom, for deception, for hate, and against families, it’s not too late to choose a brighter, better way. As explained in my last article, you will be happy you did.

If you are trying to remain peaceably neutral in the war between good and evil, keep in mind that evil is aggressive, and sooner or later it will come for you or someone you love. Also, remember: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke

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