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Op-Ed: Feel Good Behavior And Traditional Reality Have Different Results

When decisions are made more on feelings than reality, evil, conflict, and chaos dominate. File photo: Fizkes, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Reality with ups and unexpected downs is much more difficult to live in than is fantasy. It is how you handle everyday problems and unexpected tragedies that define your character. Conquering our personal demons and misfortunes, not wallowing in our difficulties shows strong character, determination and self-reliance. These traits were considered virtues in our recent past.

In our current social media, progressive culture, logic, and reality have been replaced by “feelings.” A person’s perception of reality is now more important than actual reality. If a person feels something should be true, they will demand it is. When a person imagines he is a lizard or a non-living object or the opposite of the gender they were born, in their subcultures they believe they should be treated by others as they want to be. Others should disregard this person’s temporary disorientation and go along with their wishes, disregarding reality.

In this developing social media culture where everything someone says, no matter how illogical should be considered true so as not to offend the person. This allows the person to feel accepted in this non-judgmental world. Anything in one’s personal narrative should be accepted as truth even when it obviously is not. The goal in a “feel good culture” is positive feeling not truth.

By establishing a “don’t judge me” mentality we have created conditions for victimization. The more we have encouraged individuals not to take responsibility for their own actions and blame it on others, we move further away from reality. Our nation is losing moral values and principles. Without historically accepted principles and guidance we will break down into groups of people sharing the same delusions, not a common reality. This fractured existence would have people only caring about and focusing on themselves or others just like them. This is a form of tribalism.


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Social media has power to bring individual people together. This power of social networking is becoming significant. It started with a small number of people who now have many Twitter followers that magnify their importance. When the progressive media views these previously outlandish ideas and behaviors as helping their narrative, they publicize them as trendy and innovative lifestyles that should be emulated.

The “social-media information multiplier” immediately challenges the traditional ideas and beliefs that are publicized regardless of its veracity. It has created a cultural revolution between the “feeling perspective” and historical reality of the world’s development. Obviously, the fictional perspective is more attractive to the non-motivated people. A person can create their own facetious profile with false accomplishments. Without reality grounding them, they can “game” the system about their capabilities, character, and importance.

Those who still adhere to reality usually are the older people who understand that feelings can lead humans astray. Younger people with strong traditional ties often have witnessed past behavior’s power to predict outcomes and shied away from following feelings and convoluted thinking. These different approaches to life have been in competition from the beginning of civilization. When reality and sacrifice are guiding the majority of the people, the group prospers. As personal feelings and wants dominate the culture, the society deteriorates with evil, weakens then implodes.

Even in prosperous societies, there are some who choose feelings and hollow promises over self-discipline. They pretend to be rich, happy and want to get there the easiest way possible. They lie and live beyond their means.  They want to present themselves as on the top rung of the ladder without earning it. These individuals involve themselves in get rich schemes such as gambling, sex, and drug addiction, stealing and following corrupt, phony leaders. They join with unscrupulous people who promise the world and give nothing. 

In civilizations that convince themselves that feelings are more important than traditional ideas such as families, religion, and ideas such as, “you don’t get something for nothing,” declines. When decisions are made more on feelings than reality, evil, conflict, and chaos dominate. Unity and common purpose vanish followed by tribal groups trying to dominate.

America has fallen into a period where our traditions are under intense attack by Marxists. When enough civilians reject reality and the history, they are challenging the existing culture. It will start with minor skirmishes with authority figures and if not disciplined, will eventually turn into a mob then eventually a revolution. These discontented, impulsive, self-centered, immediate-gratification slackers will joyfully destroy everything in sight leaving devastation and chaos.

When law and order is restored, many of these rioters will be prosecuted while the others will learn that violence and destruction is not a solution to anger and social dissatisfaction.

Only traditional self-discipline and persistent work ethic can strengthen a better culture for everyone to prosper in peace. These traditions of moral values will restrain evil and elevate us again to be the leader of the free world.

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