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Op-Ed: “The Disciples of Deceit”

BLM and their “evil” counter group, ANTIFA, have been causing havoc and mayhem around the country for the past three years, with practically a free hand as the liberal elites jump on the bandwagon of “white supremacy”.  File photo: Alessandro Biascioli, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Have you had enough of the hypocrisy of BLM (Black Lives Matter) yet? This dubious, racist organization that sprung up after the George Floyd incident, has played victim by using race as the cudgel to scam money from guilt ridden white liberals, feckless corporations and race obsessed politicians.

It has been estimated that BLM, run by three Marxist/Socialist black women, has raised at least $90 million, supposedly to help disadvantaged black people. The only problem is that little, if any, of that money ever reached the needy blacks. Instead, much of the money was used by the lady “grifters” for their own personal use, which included buying very expensive homes and property around the country. It was a clever shakedown by using black victimization as the selling point of getting funds by using “white guilt” as the major talking point and the unspoken threat of economic boycotts.

Even today, the new black mayor of New York, Eric Adams, has come out and called BLM a bunch of hypocrites for ignoring the plight of blacks being killed by other blacks. It seems that BLM and their sympathizers are only concerned about black deaths when a policeman in involved in a killing, which is very rare, but for which they use as a rallying cry to gin up hatred for the police.

BLM and their “evil” counter group, ANTIFA, have been causing havoc and mayhem around the country for the past three years, with practically a free hand as the liberal elites jump on the bandwagon of “white supremacy”. Even President Biden has joined the chorus by claiming that the biggest threat in the country is “white supremacy”. He never mentions BLM or ANTIFA for their roles in the burning, looting, and murdering that has taken place by those groups. Yes, there are “white supremacist” groups, but they are not the ones burning down towns and cities. Their members committing crimes dwarf in comparison to both BLM and ANTIFA.

It seems that no matter what happens in the black community, the word “racism” is bandied about willy-nilly to describe anything negative affecting the black community. Even the white liberal elites in Congress throw around that epithet in trying to justify the bad behavior of both BLM and ANTIFA.

When will the leaders of the black community face the fact that crime against other blacks is mainly not from the white population and the police, but by other blacks in their own communities? And, when will the liberal elites stop using race to try to generate support in the black community? It seems the so-called leaders of the black community like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Jim Clyburn, Stacy Abrams, Joy Reid of MSNBC, et al. like to stir up animosity between blacks and white folk, thereby generating money for their coffers.

Our country has come a long way since the days of slavery and we will (must) overcome this misguided exercise in stirring up animosity between the races, and the politicians must stop the pandering and the denigration of one race over another by using the overused term racism. Common sense should prevail and both blacks and whites must respect each other and not be drawn into a fight by the ”Disciples of Deceit”.

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