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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan: ‘Checkmate’


GREEN BAY, WI – The final chapter. It’s here. The elite Global Cabal/Deep State is desperately hanging on for dear life. They have tried spreading diseases, lockdowns, stealing elections, and now an initiation of World War III—but it won’t work.

We the People of Almighty God, we children of the Most High, are now wide awake to their nefarious undertakings. And these evil and contemptible activities are systemic; this is indeed worldwide in scope.  But it’s also quite evident that the Lord has stepped into the midst of their deceitful plans, and pulled back the curtain to expose every single morsel of their widespread wickedness.

Now, in researching just how deep this vile plot goes, one has to be very discerning in which sources we trust. It’s tough to find real news and real facts amidst the panoply of fake news outlets that abound. So it’s good to follow vetted and honorable Patriots such as General Michael Flynn, Lt. General Thomas McInerney, Attorney Lin Wood, Attorney Sidney Powell, CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell, and Former Military Intelligence Officer Seth Keschel—all who have a reputation for honesty and candor.

That said, when following these types of vetted sources, we see that this global informational war has certainly entered its final chapter. Many people worldwide are realizing that there has been a group of about one million Satanists trying to establish a one-world, Marxist/Communist style government.

Yet the last bastion of freedom, much to the chagrin of these despicable despots, remains standing.  And that, of course, is the United Stated of America—which is a country that was founded by Almighty God, Who based this country’s original documents upon His Judeo/Christian principles.

And now, this evil Cabal has awoken a sleeping giant, that being the American people, with their attitude and their love of God and their guns—as well as other countries in the world who have witnessed freedom firsthand, and are not about to give it up to these sick, narcissistic criminals.

The fact of the matter is that there are more of us than there are of them. And they know it!

The crime of the century is about to be revealed, and this immoral group of monsters are trying to throw everything that they can out there, so as to stop the people from finding out the truth. Nonetheless, there is so much happening on so many fronts that many of these situations are about to converge up themselves—into one giant massive revealing, the likes of which will be historical in nature!

For example, the worldwide Central Bank and the Biden administration are panicking, as their Great Reset agenda is imploding before their very eyes. They are a huge part of this Global Cabal/Deep State that is blaming everything on President Putin of Russia—including the rise in fuel prices, inflation, and food shortages.

Of course all of this has nothing to do with Putin. The Central Bank and the Biden administration did this on their own, and they alone bear the responsibility. As well, BRICS, an acronym for the powerful group of the world’s leading emerging market economies—namely Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—currently is going against the Central Bank.

And it’s patently evident that Biden’s sanctions did not work on Russia, as the Ruble already has regained its value—and that this has backfired, in that Russia and China both are pushing their respective Ruble and Yuan currencies, which will only devalue the United States dollar even more… not good economic news for this country.

And as if that weren’t enough, these evil ones also are trying to bring back Covid, and pushing the bird flu to explain food shortages. But the people realize that Covid has run its course, and is not a good reason to force another lockdown of the United States economy. Previous lockdowns already have put 30 to 40 percent of small businesses under water.

The big lie that the fake news and corrupt politicians have been telling is about to be revealed the same way that the Hunter Biden laptop was revealed. The New York Times finally admitted that this laptop is authentic, which leads many of us skeptics to surmise that there must be indictments coming down the pike—and very soon at that!

Additionally, the Russian Defence Ministry has claimed that a Hunter Biden financed investment fund, Rosemont Seneca, and the George Soros Foundation were directly involved in financing the Pentagon’s military research facilities in Ukraine, which Moscow claims were developing bioweapons. They also said that the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided financial support, as well.

Moreover, Lt General Igor Kirillov, head of the radiation, chemical and biological defense forces of the Russian Armed Forces, said that the Rosemont Seneca investment fund has a close relationship with main contractors of the U. S. Military Department, including Metabiota—which, along with Black and Veatch, just happens to be the main supplier of equipment for the Pentagon biolabs throughout the world. 

The New York Post also has reported that Hunter Biden used funds from Obama’s Defense Department for financing these bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine. Interestingly, both Washington, D. C. and Kiev have denied biological research for military purposes.

Additionally, President Trump has accused the Biden family of corruption in a recent interview with investigative journalist John Solomon and Amanda Head on Real America’s Voice network. During this exchange, Trump highlighted ties between Hunter Biden and Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, stating.

“She gave him $3.5 million, so now I would think Putin would know the answer to [why].” Trump then added, “I think he should release it.”

The 45th President also suggested that the Biden family’s financial interests are driving foreign policy decisions regarding China. Trump explained,

“Don’t forget his son manages $1.5 billion of money, even though the biggest people on Wall Street can’t do that.”

On another front, the United States Central Banking economic system is imploding. Inflation has accelerated to 8.5 percent, which is the highest in 40 years, with certain pundits such as Shadow Statistics saying that the real number is closer to 17.5 percent.

And the Federal Reserve Board knows that it cannot stop it. People are feeling the pain, and as this debacle continues, the people will want accountability—they do not believe the Central Bank’s narrative.  They innately see and feel the truth.

Of course, the Biden administration continues to blame Putin, but all evidence points back to the derelict group that is in charge in Washington D. C. And remember that inflation is a tax without representation.  In the end, however, We the People will take back the financial system. The Quantum Financial System currently is being implemented by the white hat alliance that is taking down the elite Global Cabal/Deep State. 

And we remember that this worldwide white hat alliance is made up of U. S. loyal Military, the Pentagon and Space Force, and also certain Asian elders and benevolent European nobility. This plan has been decades in the making, and will take back control for the 9 billion people on this planet—much to the chagrin of the one million Satanists who have been running things to their maximum benefit for a long/long time.

A big part of this takedown involves the Durham investigation. Durham’s recent release of info targeting the Clinton Campaign Committee on their alleged attempt to rig the 2016 presidential election by tying Trump’s campaign to a ‘Russia Steele dossier hoax’ will, in due time, bring down the house.  Durham has stated that there will be a “large volume” of classified discovery materials in the Steele dossier source case.

We also saw the grand jury indictment of Attorney Michael Sussman for allegedly lying to the FBI. Sussman advised the Clinton campaign in 2016 on cybersecurity matters. Most likely, however, Sussman will ‘sing like a bird,’ and not take the fall for his puppet masters. 

As well, the Federal Election Commission has fined the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for lying about the funding of the infamous and discredited Russian “dossier” used in the smear attempt against Donald Trump weeks before he shocked the world with his 2016 presidential victory.

Additionally, President Trump has been very vocal on this subject, most recently on the Glenn Beck Radio Program, where Trump said that former President Obama—and not just Hillary Clinton—was aware of the fact that the Democrats were spying on his campaign and also spying on Trump when he was President.  

Trump has also stated that he is suing Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee over ‘Russiagate.’ Former government official Kash Patel has explained the brilliance of Trump’s lawsuit, which he says is a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) type of lawsuit—which is the only real way to encompass having everyone arrested in one fell swoop!

Patel says with regard to this RICO-type of lawsuit,

If you find them at fault, the Discovery process along the way is what’s critical, because they’re gonna’ have to come in and say, ‘No, Mr. President, we did not violate the RICO Statute, we did not enter into an organized conspiracy against you to prevent you from being President—and then while you were President, we did not go up and illegally surveil you,’ and oh by the way, how are they going to get around that? There’s an Inspector General report that says exactly what they did… and there’s also the DOJ violation of/revocation of their FISA warrants against Carter Page. How are they going to get around that, with those judicial rulings in place and a concrete memorandum under oath that they can’t drop?”

And for the final coup d’etat, Trump Attorney Alina Habba has announced that there will be more lawsuits to come.

But it gets better.

Elon Musk, right out of the blue, has become the largest shareholder in Twitter! Add to that piece of delicious news the fact that Musk has now made an offer to buy Twitter for $43 billion, since Twitter’s Board of Directors have refused any and all of his suggestions to date. This puts the Twitter Board in a very difficult position, as that is a very good price—and they are supposed to be looking out for the company and its shareholders. Of course, their main concern is making sure that Musk doesn’t shut down their censorship of free speech, so expect this story to only heat up in the very near future.

Nevertheless, it would appear that Musk, in all likelihood, is working with Trump and the white hat global alliance on preparing to take the bull horn away from the Global Cabal/Deep State players. And the ability to spread information across the digital battlefield and bypass their control is what the Cabal fears the most.

And this is precisely why immediately after Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter, the United States SEC and DOJ launched dual investigations into Musk’s businesses. So, the Biden regime is weaponizing government against freedom of speech advocates. The message is clear: if you support free speech, the federal government will destroy your business/businesses. This is as disgusting as it gets, as it is exactly how autocratic banana republics operate.

And on another front, the Russian/Ukrainian conflict is revealing secrets of the Deep State—with quite a bit of information coming out almost every day on this situation. Also of extreme interest, General Michael Flynn seems to be more and more open/candid these past few months in terms of talking about this elite Global Cabal/Deep State. He does not refer to them in those exact terms, but it’s quite obvious that he is talking about these global elites who have, for a very long/long time, run the world.

For example, General Flynn recently was on the Lou Dobbs’ ‘The Great America Show’ to discuss the war in Ukraine. Flynn said, among other things, the following:

I don’t think that Putin has any time for Zelenskyy, because I think he sees Zelenskyy as a puppet-type leader in Ukraine… these various relationships with people… that are members of our administration. Also some of the, I think, nefarious activities that Ukraine has been involved in—from human trafficking, drug trafficking, to money laundering. I mean there’s an awful lot…”

Here, we see Flynn talking about massive corruption in Ukraine, and he also seems to tie in the Biden administration. This is the opposite of what we hear on the main stream media, which has been telling us that the Ukrainian government is an innocent democracy, and that President Zelenskyy is a true hero.

Also, Flynn appeared on Chris Farrell’s ‘On Watch’ program, where Flynn talked about how some are discussing a ‘New World Order,’ including people in the United States who think that there is a way to bring the people together as a ‘global nation of nations.’ Flynn explained that Russia is one of the countries that do not want this.

Flynn also stated

“What Putin talks about in Ukraine, this de-Nazification of Ukraine…when you look at the results of WWII…and you pay attention to ‘Where did these people go?’ ‘Where did these ideologies go?’ They didn’t die. They just settled into different parts of Europe, and they settled into different parts of the United States, actually.” 

General Flynn also was interviewed by National Security Expert/Political Analyst L. Todd Wood, at which time Flynn said that people should look up just exactly what the Azov Battalion in Ukraine is, and that he does not think that Putin wants to take over Ukraine, but rather that Putin is fighting this Azov Battalion in Ukraine. Flynn also said that he thinks that Putin has very limited objectives in Ukraine, mainly to choke off the ‘command control’ center. 

This is in line with the New York Post now finally admitting the role of this ‘far right’ Azov Battalion in Ukraine, and also with their mentioning that “the Azov continued to be criticized as adherents to ‘neo-Nazi’ ideology.” 

Furthermore, retired U.S. Army Colonel and government official Douglas Macgregor recently explained in a March 5th ‘RealClear Politics’ article that Russia should take Ukraine and neutralize it, and that Ukraine becoming a neutral territory would be good for both Russia and NATO—that it would create a buffer that both sides want.

Macgregor also said that what remains of the Ukrainian forces are mingling with the Ukrainian civilian population—and using the people as shields. He also stated that Zelenskyy is a puppet who is putting a large number of his people at an unnecessary risk—and that “most of what comes out of Ukraine is debunked as lies within 24 to 48 hours.”

It certainly does look like Ukraine was a nest for the Global Cabal’s money laundering and trafficking activities, and that Zelenskyy is a part of that Cabal.

Now, in getting back to General Michael Flynn’s recent ‘spilling of the beans,’ in terms of what is really going on in this global information war of good versus evil, there also was a very compelling interview of him by X22 Report. In this exchange, Flynn brings up a man named Yuval Noah Harari, who is a principle adviser to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum—and who also is referred to as ‘The Prophet’ by these elites, who are a big part of the Global Cabal/Deep State.

Flynn also said that people like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, Joe Biden, and Barrack Obama—along with other world leaders—are part of a conspiracy to use a device under the skin to be able to track We the People, for the express purpose of their intention to establish a New World Order.

And that situation gets very interesting indeed. The more one researches, the more one finds out about how these evil elites have no regard for human life, or for our Almighty God Who created it and gave us our freedoms. Turns out that they’d rather depopulate this entire world, and then monitor/regulate/control the ones who they choose to let live.

Sounds like something out of an extreme suspense novel, but it is painfully true—and the evidence is right there for all to see if one but opens their eyes and does their research.  For example, we’ve all heard, for some time now, how there are simply too many people on this planet—how parents should be ashamed for having too many babies at this point in time.

This is all brainwashing, of course, as God certainly knows how much room is needed for his Creation, for His children. And the programming by this wicked and dangerous group gets even worse. They intend to track every single one of us!

They refer to their movement as ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution,’ but you and I can simply refer to it as ‘The 4th Reich’ of the Nazis—as their agenda is eerily similar to that of fascism. Everything that is going on in the world right now, all of this craziness and chaos, is to get control of the democracy—and the last stronghold of democracy is the United States of America!

These foul creatures know that they can function with dictators very well, and Harari even talks about this. They say that they have to deal with ‘these pesky little democracies’ in order to gain control. When we look at Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, we see that they all have been taken under the wing of these pathetic people.

But they are having a tough time taking America down!

General Flynn explains that he knows what a corrupt dictatorship/government looks like, and that he’s been inside of these organizations—inside of not only the United States Defense Department, but the Intelligence Community, as well as the highest levels of our government.

Flynn says that the world leaders in this nefarious group have the coordinated ability to push through their biometric-type of worldwide surveillance. These elites, Flynn added, operate within the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations—and they have a physical place where they typically meet, which is in Davos, Switzerland.  They’ve been doing this for a long/long time.  Their purpose for these meetings is to groom their handpicked future world leaders.

These elites, Flynn explained, use emergencies like the Covid situation to exert control—such as shutting down 30 to 40 percent of the small businesses in America, for good. Klaus Schwab touts this plan of theirs in his book The Great Reset.  Also, these vermin are very strategic in their thinking—and they are extremely patient.

Moreover, they have a goal to have We the People ‘own nothing, but be happy’—and to have this accomplished by the year 2030!

And by the way, Harari and his cohorts hate ‘free will.’ Harari says that the whole idea that human beings have a soul or spirit, and that they have free will—where no one knows what is happening inside of them and so they have choice/free will on things like elections or what food to get at the supermarket—is over!  He and his criminal companions want to end all personal freedoms.

Yes, these diabolical rats mean business.

For those of us celebrating Easter and our Lord’s sacrificing of His life, of His own free will, for all sinners—this is what Harari refers to as ‘fake news.’ He says that this Cabal can change people’s minds, manipulate them easily, in an emergency type of situation, such as with Covid, where he cites that even the synagogues and mosques were closed down—all based upon, he asserts, people believing 100 percent in what scientists tell them!

Basically stated, these foul people are godless, Marxist/Communist, one-world government malevolents who want to completely kill free will, and to make it illegal for people to buy or sell unless the people take an oath to their evil ‘Luciferian Order.’ They want to ban Christianity throughout the world, and we sadly see that this has been happening already for decades now.

Harari also has stated that the big political and economic question for the 21st Century will be “What do we need humans for, or at least, what do we need so many humans for?” He also has asserted that at the present time, the best answer to this ‘problem’ that these elites have is to “keep the people busy with drugs and computer games.” Anyone notice the open border in this country, and how this administration is doing more and more to make it easier and easier for criminals to get through? 

This evil man also regularly talks on ‘total biometric surveillance,’ where he states that the elite Cabal needs to monitor people under their skin. Here is a direct quote from Harari

“With this kind of surveillance, you can detect dissent. I mean, you watch the big President, the big leader, give a speech on television—the television could be monitoring you and knowing whether you’re angry or not just by analyzing the cues, the biological cues, coming from your body.”

So much for political freedom of choice. And again, remember that this Harari monster is considered ‘The Prophet’ by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum—and by all of these Satanical elites who also run the world.

Now, another thing that these deviants are enamored with is artificial intelligence, particularly in how this technology—in their opinion—surpasses the intelligence of human beings ‘by far.’ In fact, they want to turn humans into ‘hackable animals.’ Don’t believe it? Do your research. This worldwide Cabal is coming right out and saying these things openly.

Now in getting back to the current conflict in Ukraine, General Flynn has clarified that Russia’s President Putin is in that country because the agreement made in 1994 between Russia, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, an agreement that stated that there would be no encroachment of NATO up against the Russian Federation, has been broken ever since the agreement was drafted and signed.  He also explained that the Biden administration is using the war in Ukraine as a massive distraction for everything that they are covertly trying to do to this Country—but Flynn added that America is proving very difficult to take over internally/domestically!

General Flynn further explained that one of the main ways that the Deep State Cabal has tried to overtake the United States is by taking over its border. This purposeful assault of our southern border has brought about the invasion of three million people from 151 different countries according to our own government statistics.

And currently, the Cabal also is trying to raise inflation on the people. When Donald Trump left office, oil was listed at $40 per barrel, and now it already is up to $115 to $120 per barrel.

And, as Flynn clarified, this Deep State also is trying very hard to start WWIII. Right now, we are dealing with nuclear nations that are literally at each other’s necks! And it is well understood in military circles that this dissention could easily be stopped in a heartbeat if cool heads were allowed to prevail, if these countries were allowed to agree to proposals that are already on the table.

We all would do well to take the advice of this good general, where he states that 98 percent of the global population is facing a sick and radical two percent—and that we must not let them override our belief in God, our love of this precious country, and our God-given freedoms!  This is a call to action, wherever we can make a difference, especially at the local level!

Remember, our own government has admitted that the United States has been infiltrated by a Deep State. President Trump also told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo last fall that Biden is not controlling the United States government, that there is a Cabal that runs it!

Truly, this all is happening, even though the main stream is not covering it—as they are a part of this evil elite Global Cabal/Deep State. But we do know that this Cabal now is panicking. They are trying everything that they can to survive, but it’s too late!

You see, the Patriot group, the white hat global alliance… they know the playbook of these vile creatures, and currently they are removing all Deep State assets and ammunition. At this point, an informed public holds all of the keys; they just forgot how to play the game. Truly, there more good people helping to bring down this immoral system than most people may realize.

As one of Trump’s recent Telegram messages advises us: “Patriots, I hope you had a blessed day. Now it is time for you to rest. The truth shakes people up. The truth divides people between those who choose to believe it and those who choose to deny it! God is the Way, the Truth, and Life!”

God IS ultimately in charge. Always has been; always will be.

And now, the evil Cabal is trapped in their own treasonous crimes. Durham is on the hunt, and he is going right for the ‘upper echelon,’ for Clinton and Obama—the ringleaders in this disgusting travesty. Trump’s recent Telegram message said it best. We saw a picture of President Trump moving a game piece on a chessboard into the checkmate position, along with Trump’s cryptic caption: “Move in silence. Only speak when it’s time to say ‘Checkmate’!!!”

Truly, momentum is building exponentially, and the Deep State knows that it is ‘GAME OVER’—that nothing can stop what is coming!!

Buckle Up…Timing is Everything!! …Surely, The Storm Of All Storms Has Begun!!

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