Nevada GOP Candidate Joey Gilbert Holds Press Conference; “Day One: I Will Take Emergency Control of Our Schools”

Candidate Joey Gilbert
According to his campaign, Gilbert has fought to win his entire life. Fighting for himself as a boxer, he was a three-time national champion, four-time All American, Golden Gloves Champion, and a professor boxing champion. At one time Gilbert was ranked number three in the world by the WBC.

RENO, NV – At 10 a.m., Nevada GOP candidate Joey Gilbert held a press conference at El Dorado High School in Las Vegas. During the conference, he addressed the numerous issues with schools in Nevada and outlined a robust plan that values innovation and results.

“My first act upon being sworn into office as governor will be to declare a State of Emergency regarding Nevada’s worst-in-the-nation public school system.” 

So stated Republican front-running Nevada Governor candidate Joey Gilbert at a Las Vegas press conference on April 13. He continued, 

“This will allow me to assume full control of all our schools, state-wide, and implement a proven plan for turning them around within literally weeks.”


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“Something must be done! The failure of our schools is at the root of every major challenge our state faces, including an inadequate number of skilled workers, substance abuse, a crime epidemic, sex-trafficking of children, maintaining physical and mental health, and homelessness.”

From Elko to Reno to Las Vegas, Gilbert emphasized that the lack of minimal academic skills, violent and disrespectful student behavior, and substance abuse have infected all our schools.

“Our parents are at a breaking point!” stated Gilbert. “They have lost faith in school leaders and politicians who, year after year, have promised to improve the situation but have failed miserably. Meanwhile, almost half a million school-aged Nevada children are being exposed on a daily basis to dangerous, morally bankrupt school environments, and cheated out of their education and future.”

Gilbert laid out a vision of what Nevada public schools would be like with him in charge.

  • Our schools, campuses, and classrooms—state-wide—would be safe and drug-free, and practicing 100% VOLUNTARY drug testing.
  • Teachers would have regained control of their classrooms and student behavior would be respectful.
  • Average daily student attendance would have improved from its current 60% or less to over 90%.
  • ALL students—regardless of race—would be learning at grade level or above. They would be Educated—NOT Indoctrinated—with a curriculum that was accurate, balanced, and inclusive. America’s past and present flaws would not be hidden, but ALL our Nevada schools would proudly teach the overwhelming greatness of our nation and the privilege each one of us has to be part of it.
  • Our campuses would no longer be off-limits to public visitation. They would be open every day for the community to observe firsthand what is going on in the schools THEY are paying for.”

“Most importantly,” Gilbert said, “declaring a State of Emergency would allow me to bring strong discipline back into our schools, eliminate the practice of giving passing grades to students who do not attend class and do no work, and replace ineffective school leaders immediately!”

Gilbert concluded his press conference on this hopeful note. 

“Never before in our nation has any Governor been forced to exercise Emergency Powers over an entire state’s public school system. But never before have any state’s school and political leaders cared so little about its children: their education, their physical and mental well-being, their safety, and their future. But I have great news for every parent who is fearful, depressed, or angry about their child’s future. Help is on the way…if you elect me as governor!”

The full speech was made available in PDF format and is online here.

For more information on Gilbert visit:

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