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Op-Ed: NYC Mayor Adams vs. Florida Governor DeSantis; No Contest

NYC Mayor, Eric Adams should take a schlepp on his own expense to see what’s happening in the Sunshine State. In fact, if he does, he’ll see why so many family focused New Yorkers have already made such a trip permanent. File photo: Hunter Crenian, Shutter Stock, licensed. File photo: Steve Sanchez Photos, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – NYC Mayor, Eric Adams has picked a fight with Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis who recently signed into state law, a bill, “The Parental Rights in Education,” explicitly banning the teaching of any sex education to kids in public schools, grades K-3. Adams is an outspoken supporter of teaching this new additional subject of sex-ed to 5-8 year old’s in public schools and has gone to war with the popular Florida leader who also happens to be a major Republican star. We’ve got the feeling that Adams is a sure loser on this one. Evidently Adams is mouthing the words of his radical LBGTQ+? crowd, who are on his side of the political fence. And of course, his heavy financial backers, the United Federation of Teachers and the national branch of this union, The American Federation of teachers, led by former NYC heavy Lefty hitter, Randi Weingarten, call the shots. And to make matters worse (if that can be done!) for New Yorkers, Adams has announced a new campaign inviting members of the LBGTQ+? community who live in Florida, to move to New York. The billboard campaigns will read, “Come to the city where you can say whatever you want.” Hizzoner went on to say that: “We are going to loudly show our support and say to those who are living in Florida, ‘We want you here in New York.'” The city’s muggers, looters, Jew/Asian batterers and subway thugs are licking their lips. Throw in for added incentive for these would-be newcomers; the Manhattan District Attorney’s revolving door policy for felons to fast exit out of courtrooms to resume their daily activities of victim-seeking. Tempting, no?

Adams stubbornly refuses to understand the facts that this law forbids teachers from discussing any kind of sexuality and gender identity with children in kindergarten through third grade. It also prevents schools and teachers from offering services to children that impact their physical or mental health without FIRST notifying… the parents. That’s the real kicker for all the hullabaloo being made by the Left. They want to “own” the children; to remove children from under the safety umbrella of traditional parental authority, basically, to destroy the family. A government takeover as voiced by Karl Marx, in his Communist Manifesto called for the destruction of the family, the control and indoctrination of children and most recently echoed by Hillary Clinton in these words, “It takes a village.”

The Mayor should take a schlepp on his own expense to really see what’s happening in the Sunshine State. In fact, if he does, he’ll see why so many family focused New Yorkers have already made such a trip permanent. They’ve left the city for safer, cleaner, better managed, warmer, happier, healthier and better-education-for kids, state of Florida. In fact, Florida Governor DeSantis has already enticed members of the NYPD to come to his state and pocket a bonus of $5,000 to relocate and work there. Any such individuals who were threatened by the city for not being vaxxed can now get employment where cops are loved, respected and safer. In closing, Mayor Adams may gain with his “woke” backers in choosing to do battle with Governor DeSantis, but our money is that he will lose this fight mostly in the eyes of NYC parent/voters who see the dangers of government control of their kids. Don’t mess with a parent! Adams still has a lot to learn about politics.

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