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Op-Ed: Spare The Rod And Destroy The Nation

Law and order must first be established in the home and continued in the overall societal institutions to build a just, moral, and strong populace for the integrity of the nation. File photo:, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – There was a campaign in the 1950s and 60s spearheaded by socialist presidential candidate, Benjamin Spock, to replace traditional biblical discipline with permissiveness in the United States. This is the same Benjamin Spock who wrote what is considered the bible of modern childrearing. The traditional authority of parents was to be lowered while the children had to be treated as almost equals. Any slap on a child by a parent would be considered as abusive. This propaganda campaign is still being felt today as too many parents are frightened to spank their own child for misbehavior. Many Americans believe spanking is abusive.

This so-called “democratizing” of the family has changed our culture and society to such an extent that devastating results are being felt 70 years later. To many children the word “no” has no power. Parents still use the word “no”, but children often ignore it. Parents attempt to use all the modern suggestions like, time out, sit in the chair or even yelling at them ferociously but the child ignores them continuing to escalate his obnoxiousness. The power of parents has practically vanished, just like the lack of prosecution of criminals has robbed the authority of the police officers.

Almost all authority figures are no longer punishing illegal or inappropriate behavior, but woke authorities are trying to control every other thing in our lives. Children’s misbehavior has continued to grow. School violence, screaming at and hitting teachers has become common place. Permissive counseling has only made troubled kids more violent. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” has become even more evident in our non-punishing society.

Many adolescents have not been taught the concepts of obedience and fear by their parents. These youngsters do whatever they want whenever they want to do it. They have not been taught to think about possible consequences for their actions as immediate gratification is their guiding principle.  We are producing too many stupid, non-thinking, selfish, animalistic individuals.

Without some form of punishment for destructive behavior, evil will flourish. Rapes, random shooting, robbing stores with brutal actions to innocent bystanders has become a daily occurrence. Children must be taught, usually beginning with parents teaching right from wrong. The absence of this training results in out of control, egotistical, and self-destructive souls. The more these untrained children, adolescents, and adults mature so do the evil acts multiply and gain strength.

Often these immature individuals realize the negative impact they have on others and themselves. To minimize their guilt, they often take drugs. These rudderless adolescents and adults have never been taught the necessary hard reality of being punished for destructive behavior. Parents, teachers, and law enforcement have been told not to do this essential work of disciplining. We must reestablish the idea that if you do the wrong thing, eventually you will pay the price for your evil actions.

The lack of production and the cavalier attitude towards the theft from others is unravelling the fabric of our healthy and prosperous nation. When the difference between right and wrong is not firmly established, the future of our country is put in a precipitous decline in everything outlined in the Bible. History is full of these examples where civilizations fall as evil actions become more prevalent. Evil wins out when authorities accept or even promote inappropriate behavior by their sick examples. The obvious consequences of parents and other authority figures not doing their jobs are non-responsible, adults who are takers not givers. This absence of parents’ responsibility must be reversed to bring back a strong, responsible, and cohesive society.

When individuals are not taught to do what is right, they gravitate to doing the easy things in life: being takers. They sell their souls for things like money, expensive items, sex, fame, and end up in pure evil. Whenever the government takes on the role of parent, evil flourishes and many individuals lose their conscience.

These experiments of government usurping the freedom of parents to raise their own children have been tried in Venezuela, China, Cambodia, Russia, and a host of other countries. It has not worked since the state becomes the parent of everyone and makes decisions not for the child but for its own benefit. Eventually people realize they have been exploited and their children have no future except further exploitation. That is the end of the nation.

Law abiding citizens, hard work, honesty, and freedom, makes a formula that has been successful in nations enjoying freedom. The difficult discipline to reach one’s goals must be ingrained from infancy with appropriate consequences for transgressions followed by other punishing and rewarding reinforcement throughout the raising of the child.

Law and order must first be established in the home and continued in the overall societal institutions to build a just, moral, and strong populace for the integrity of the nation.

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