Ocala Teen Shooter Arrested For Murder

Leandre Cox
According to authorities, Ocala Police Detectives have arrested Leandre Cox, 18, for murder of a 23-year-old. Detectives say Cox is the shooter in the homicide and he turned himself into the Ocala Police Department headquarters on Tuesday.

OCALA, FL – On Tuesday, March 29, around 11 p.m., Ocala Police Detectives arrested Leandre Cox, 18, for the murder of 23-year-old Jacorie McCullough. According to authorities, Cox is the shooter in the homicide and has turned himself into the Ocala Police Department headquarters.

On March 25, McCollough was gunned down in front of the 7 Days Food Store on 2002 NW 1st Avenue after fighting Cox in the parking lot. Detectives obtained video surveillance from the store which captured the shooting taking place. 

According to detectives, before the killing, three subjects including one juvenile, Cox and another unknown subject, appeared to be involved in a robbery. One is seen walking towards the victims vehicle, opening the back door, and taking a backpack from inside. The victim confronts the subject and takes back a backpack and puts it back in the vehicle. Cox and another unknown male then enter the camera’s view and Cox is seen reaching into the front waistline of his pants. Cox aggressively approaches the victim with a gun in his hand and swings it at McCullough. The two engage in a short physical fight until Cox fires the gun at McCullough. 

After the shot, the unknown male grabs the backpack from McCullough’s vehicle and the three run away from the crime scene. Ocala Police arrived and provided medical attention at the scene. When EMS arrived, McCullough was transported to a local hospital where he later died from his injury.

Through a forensic cell phone extraction, Detectives found a text message thread between Cox and someone else that said, “anywhere we see Palay he getting robbed.” According to authorities, Palay is a known nickname of McCullough.

On Monday, March 28, was located by detectives during a traffic stop and arrested. At least one suspect is still at large. Detectives are actively investigating this murder and are asking for community help. If you have any information about the murder of Jacorie McCullough, please call Detective Kern at (352) 369-7000 or dial **TIPS.

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