Daniel Francisco Ends Congressional Race And Endorses Mike Crispi

Daniel Francisco Ends Congressional Race And Endorses Crispi
Dan Francisco, a long-time grassroots activist, is now ending his Congressional bid and endorsing Republican Congressional candidate Mike Crispi as the best candidate to take on Chris Smith and will run against Tom Arnone and Nick DiRocco for a seat on the Monmouth County, New Jersey Board of Commissioners.

SEASIDE PARK, NJ – Republican Congressional candidate Mike Crispi and former opponent, Dan Francisco announced Monday morning they have joined forces to take out the Monmouth County Republican establishment. Francisco, a long-time grassroots activist is now ending his Congressional bid and endorsing Crispi as the best candidate to take on Chris Smith and will run against Tom Arnone and Nick DiRocco for a seat on the Monmouth County Board of Commissioners.

Francisco, a councilman in Englishtown, has been New Jersey’s foremost leader for Second Amendment rights and is currently the lead Plaintiff in the case Francisco v. Cooke challenging New Jersey’s “justifiable need” standard which has abrogated the natural rights of New Jerseyans for far too long.

“As a native of Monmouth, the centralization of power within the party and county apparatus is disgusting; it’s time the people take back the levers of local government through bold leaders with activist hearts,” Francisco said. “We need leaders in county government who cherish our natural rights and aren’t looking for hand-shaking photo ops, just as much as we need them in Washington.  Mike Crispi is committed to the absolute defense of the Second Amendment and he’s our best chance to defeat Chris Smith in 2022.  I’m thrilled to have made a new friend in Mike who brings great energy to the district.  It’s time to clean house and elect absolutist Republicans who respect individual sovereignty in every level of government.”

Joining the America First team in Monmouth will be former Freeholder and Chairman of the New Jersey Conservative Party, Gary Rich who will run for sheriff and Steven Rich who will run for commissioner.  Steven is the former chairman of the Monmouth County Young Republicans and a leading financial expert.


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In his race for Sheriff, Rich said he would focus on the gross conflicts of interest and abuses of power by current Sheriff Shaun Golden who has been simultaneously serving as political boss of the County.

“As a freeholder, I saw firsthand how Golden uses his powers as a political boss and law enforcement executive to get what he wants by controlling those under him,” Rich said.  “This cronyism in Monmouth has its roots in the GOP establishment and has gotten worse in the years since I left.   A new generation of America First Republicans has emerged across the country to resist the kind of boss-style-politics embodied by Shaun Golden, and I realized I couldn’t sit idly by and not take the fight directly to him.”

“Monmouth County Republicans will finally have a real choice when they go to the polls this year,” Crispi said.  “Our team of America First Republicans will expose the establishment line for what it is: a clique of failed politicians who routinely put their own interests above those of the people they’re supposed to represent.”

Together, the four will make good on the pledge of Crispi’s strategist, Roger Stone, who has promised “Armageddon” in the Republican primaries for congress, sheriff, and county commissioner in both Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Crispi has already been endorsed by legendary political strategist Roger Stone, former member of the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign Advisory Board Steve Rogers, the Conservative Party of New Jersey, the American Populist Union, and the Republican Liberty Caucus.

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