Jewish Community Synagogue’s $4.6 Million Purchase Paves the Way for a Chabad Center of Jewish Life In North Palm Beach

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, left, and his son Rabbi Leib Ezagui
The Jewish Community Synagogue of North Palm Beach took a leap in growing the community’s Jewish life with a $4.6 million campus purchase. Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, left, and his son Rabbi Leib Ezagui at Jewish Community Synagogue, Prosperity Farms road, North Palm Beach, FL.

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL – After a six-month campaign, the Jewish Community Synagogue has officially announced the closing of fourteen new properties in North Palm Beach. Florida has been the No. 1 location for relocating Americans since 2020 and stats show that more people are choosing Northern Palm Beach County versus Southern Florida.

With the properties secured, the Jewish Community Synagogue is ready to pave the way for the future of a Jewish Community that is migrating south.

 “We are busting out of our space. Currently, the Kind Kitchen has been taking up the majority of our building” Rabbi Leib Ezagui, Rabbi of JCS, has shared. “We are looking to grow different branches to fill various needs in the community and that wouldn’t be possible without the physical space to allow for it.” 

The $4.6M purchase adds an additional 26,900 at a price of $171 a square foot and promises a large potential of expansion within. As the population in North Palm Beach shoots up, so does the necessity for Jewish life. The Jewish Community Synagogue plans to allocate the new space to the perceived needs of the community. The synagogue has begun mapping out to distribute the space with plans to build a rehab facility, guesthouse, Hebrew school, and large summer camp. 

Jewish Community Synagogue | 844 Prosperity Farms road, North Palm Beach, FL 33408

The new initiatives, with an emphasis on the summer camp and adult social activities, are considered to grow tremendously within a year. Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, Senior Rabbi at the Jewish Community Synagogue says that their hope is for the new purchases to be permeated with Chassidic light, vitality, and warmth for years to come. Part of the plan is to create more space in the original building for the Kind Kitchen, a nonprofit that provides homemade meals to those who need them. 

The Kind Kitchen has been very, very busy, and it’s taking up a lot of space,” Ezagui said. “We have to move the preschool and the kids’ programs outside to make room for it.”

Rabbi Leib Ezagui said that while JCS has a suggested Membership, individuals can pay whatever they feel comfortable with, this approach has been very effective at gathering the Jewish Community together and we desperately need more space.

Individuals can sign up for Membership on the Jewish community Synagogues website or by calling (561) 624-7004 #4 The project also will include a large wall to secure the campus, which was a key part of the project, said Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, the synagogue’s senior rabbi. 

“Of paramount importance is the improvement to accessibility, safety, and security, enabling more seniors and young families to participate,” he said. 

For information on Jewish Community Synagogue Chabad of Palm Beach, or to donate to its building fund, call 561-624-7004 or visit

About The Jewish Community Synagogue
The Jewish Community Synagogue is here to create a sense of unity within the Jewish community of Palm Beach and to serve the spiritual, educational, and social needs of the community. They accomplish this through classes, social get-togethers, and holiday events. They are a community synagogue and welcomes people of all backgrounds and affiliations. 

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