New York Mayor Eric Adams Calls For Changes To NYC’s Bail Reform Laws After Man With More Than 40 Priors Arrested Again

New York City
New York Mayor Eric Adams has called for changes to NYC’s bail reform laws after a man who has a long rap sheet dating back more than two decades is continually committing crimes and being let go without bail. File photo: Lev Radin, Shutter Stock, licensed.

HARLEM, NY – In a further illustration of how New York City’s so-called bail reform laws have actually encouraged lawlessness, the infamous man who was arrested allegedly attacked a random female subway rider by spearing his own feces on her face – and was subsequently released without bail, despite the disgustingly hideous nature of his assault – has been arrested yet again after police say he vandalized a Harlem storage facility by breaking one of its windows.

This time, however, the suspect – who has a rap sheet a mile long, dating back more than two decades – is actually being held on bail, although it is unclear how criminal mischief trumps assault with bodily substances in terms of bail eligibility.

According to authorities, Frank Abrokwa, 37, was arraigned on Monday after he was arrested for throwing a dumbbell through a window at the Treasure Island Storage Facility in Harlem on Friday night.

An employee at Treasure Island told police that Abrokwa showed up Friday, broke the window, and then began ranting “I want my refund. I’m leaving Monday that is why I broke the glass.” He then left, only to return Saturday afternoon, saying “If I don’t get my refund by Monday, I’m gonna come back here and catch a felony.”

Abrokwa was located by authorities and arrested on criminal mischief and harassment charges; his bail has been set at $5,000.

Possessing a long and violent criminal history dating back to 1999 including more than 40 arrests, reports say, Abrokwa made headlines this past February when he allegedly defecated into a bag and then smeared his feces on a woman’s head that he had been harassing.

“Hey, mami, hey, mami, why don’t you talk to me?” he purportedly said before assaulting the woman.

Abrokwa’s case caused outrage when he was released without bail for the poop attack; he then went onto Facebook and bragged about it, saying “That feces scenario should keep every female in their right mind away from me.”

Abrokwa would then be arrested again a short time later in connection with a earlier anti-Semitic attack, where he is alleged to have spit on a Jewish man in September and then chased him, yelling “Come here, you f**king Jew, I am going to kill you.” He was arrested once again, and once again he was let go without bail. In response, New York Mayor Eric Adams has called for changes to NYC’s bail reform laws, saying that they are leading to law-abiding citizens fearing for their safety.

This individual should not be out on the streets of New York and his release shows the scope of changes that we need to make in order to keep New Yorkers safe,” Adams said. “It is the result of a failed mental health system, a failed housing and support system, and failing criminal justice laws that allow someone with a history of violence who poses a clear threat to public safety to just walk out of court.”

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