After Discrediting Hunter Biden’s Laptop During 2020 Presidential Race, New York Times Now Admits It’s Real

A comprehensive report about the ongoing federal probe into Hunter Biden’s tax filings published by the New York Times on Wednesday confirmed the existence of the first son’s infamous laptop which has been said to contain troves of evidence of “potential criminal activity” according to Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., who told Newsmax in December 2021 that “there is so much there,” and should be investigated under federal statutes.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Wednesday, The New York Times published a report that finally confirmed Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop computer – which the newspaper dismissed as a fraud and “fake Russian disinformation” throughout the 2020 presidential election – is, in fact, authentic and filled with potentially incriminating information on President Joe Biden’s beleaguered son.

The laptop, which was left in a computer repair shop in Delaware in 2019, was eventually turned over to the FBI by the establishment’s owner.

A subsequent report by The New York Post on the contents of the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop – which reportedly included emails, text messages, photos and financial documents documenting how he used his political influence in foreign business dealings – was derided by The New York Times and other media outlets as purportedly being  full of “false information,” and that the contents of the hard drive had likely been tampered with as part of a Russian information operation to harm the election chances of Joe Biden.

The Post’s Twitter account was even temporarily suspended after tweeting out the offending article.

But The New York Times was forced to eat crow this week when the paper admitted in an article about the investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes and his international business dealings that prosecutors in his case had obtained evidence by examining emails that appeared “to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop” and “were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.”

This comes after The Times had previously called the allegations in The New York Post story as being “unsubstantiated,” something that the Post’s editorial board pointed out when it issued a response to The Times’ sudden about-face.

“Forgive the profanity, but you have got to be s**tting us,” The Post said. “In the heat of the presidential race of 2020, the Times never missed a chance to cast doubt on the laptop, saying the information was ‘purported’ and quoting a letter from former Democratic officials who claimed – with no evidence – that it was Russian disinformation. As recently as September 2021, the Times called the laptop ‘unsubstantiated’ in a news story.”

According to Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., the laptop potentially contains “criminal activity” including extensive ties to China and should be looking under federal statutes, telling Newsmax, “there is so much there,” in December 2021.

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