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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan: Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

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The Biden administration did not endorse allowing Ukraine to remain a neutral country—although that posture likely would have stopped this now-escalating war between Russia and Ukraine from ever happening in the first place. File photo: Bumble Dee, Shutter Stock, licensed.

GREEN BAY, WI – Checkmate. The elite Global Cabal/Deep State currently is cornered. And out of desperation, they are trying to start World War III. But it won’t work.

You see, this evil Cabal has awoken a sleeping giant, that being the American people, with their attitude and their guns—as well as other countries in the world who have witnessed freedom firsthand, and are not about to give it up to the one million Satanists trying to establish a dictatorship with a one-world, Communist-style government.

There are more of us than there are of them. And they know it!

Now, the Holy Bible does prophesy that in the latter days, there will be a one-world government, economy, and religion. But it does look like God, who appoints and unseats leaders, did at one point stall things by assigning President Trump to uncover and reveal the deep pockets of sin throughout this planet.

Will the Lord step in with Trump again? And will it be soon? Or will Believers in Christ—Believers that Jesus was the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again—will we be raptured soon, with the evil ones left behind to resume their wicked ways once again?

Only Almighty God knows the answer to that compelling question. But it is very evident that God is purposefully showing us just how vicious the world has become. Remember that ‘Revelation’ means ‘the revealing.’

And we are aware that the Book of Revelation reveals detail on the Great Tribulation period that is imminent, according to Bible prophecy experts—the Tribulation being a terrible seven-year period of God’s wrath poured out upon the nonbelievers on earth.  But we sure seem to be in a sort of ‘pre-revealing’ stage right now.

As we do our own research on current events, it’s important to be very discerning on who we trust, as there is much false information being put out on the Internet, as well as on the television and radio stations. A good rule of thumb is to check with several reliable sources, and when something is being stated by all of them, that information probably is fact.

Interestingly, the Tucker Carlson Tonight show on Fox News has been disclosing some very riveting pieces of information that go against the main stream media’s narrative, for example on this Russia/Ukraine battle. Tucker had retired U. S. Army Colonel and government official Douglas Macgregor on his show recently, and Colonel Macgregor said that much of the reporting coming out of Ukraine gets debunked within 24 to 48 hours.

Macgregor went on to state that although he is not defending Putin, Ukraine should remain neutral and not under the umbrella of NATO, as it borders Russia—and he added that an unaligned country in this location would benefit both Russia and the United States. He cited the Cuban Missile Crisis, where Russia placed missiles in Cuba—and of course the United States did not stand for it.

Macgregor also asserted that although Putin did his best to avert civilian deaths in the beginning of this war, the Ukrainian military presently is infiltrating into the civilian population—and essentially using them as hostages. 

However, this is not the narrative being promoted by the Biden administration, which did not endorse allowing Ukraine to remain a neutral country—although that posture likely would have stopped this now-escalating war between Russia and Ukraine from ever happening in the first place.

Tucker took it a step further on his show, and asked why the Biden administration is trying to start a war with Russia. He seemed to be saying that this makes no sense whatsoever.

Again, this is a very different slant than what has been reported on most news stations. But it would explain why the Russians seem to be bogged down and taking things slower than one would expect. We also know that President Putin made it clear before Russia engaged with Ukraine that if Ukraine would agree to not join with NATO, Russia would not attack. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy turned him down.

Everyone knows that Putin is a very evil man, but could it be that he is, in this instance, working with the worldwide alliance of ‘white hats’—made up of U. S. loyal Military, the Pentagon and Space Force, and also certain Asian elders and benevolent European nobility—because he also wants to get rid of the Global Cabal? Sometimes ‘the enemy of our enemy is our friend,’ at least in certain circumstances—as we have seen in past wars throughout history.

There also are reports that Russia is claiming that the United States was funding bioweapons research in Ukraine, in close proximity to Russian territory. If true, Putin would absolutely make it his first priority to destroy any such research labs.

Again, Putin is a thug, a malicious dictator, but any nation’s leader would do their best to stop a foreign enemy from taking up residence at the border of their country.

Moreover, at a Senate hearing, Senator Marco Rubio recently asked U. S. Undersecretary of State Nuland if Ukraine had bioweapons labs, and she confirmed that it does—and also that the U. S. is worried that these bioweapons could get into the hands of the Russians as a result. Why were these labs not secured prior to Russia’s attack on Ukraine? This is yet another scenario that simply does not add up.

Tucker Carlson also came out with some very interesting information on this situation on a recent show.  He stated that the U.S. Embassy’s website contains links to factsheets about America’s support for biological research in Ukraine, but that all of those links are now dead.  Upon more research, however, Tucker found that the archives for this website do show Defense Department funding going to laboratories in Ukraine—so there is proof of U. S. ties.

And then there’s the ‘Agreement Between the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and UKRAINE’ signed at Kiev on August 29, 2005—which is located at America’s address. This proves that the United States has funded Ukraine Lab Pathogen and Bio Weapon Research since 2005.

Now, the Russia/Ukraine situation gets even more interesting. Sources also are saying that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has heavy ties to Justin Trudeau, who is likely Fidel Castro’s son according to Tucker Carlson. Like Trudeau, Zelenskyy also is a supporter of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF), which is the Global Cabal/Deep State organization behind the ‘Great Reset’ agenda—an agenda that tells the world that by the year 2030, people will own nothing, and that they will be happy about it.

And remember that all of the G-20 governments have been captured, and are working for the WEC, so the Global Cabal are well on their way to accomplishing their maniacal goals. 

This issue also brings to mind Biden’s reaction to Justin Trudeau’s recent totalitarian moves. The Biden administration is not in the least concerned by Trudeau’s—for the first time ever in Canada’s history—enactment of Marshall Law, and also of Trudeau’s gangster-type tactics in subduing those in Canada simply protesting for their freedom. Why would there be no concern for these thug-type maneuvers against innocent protestors?

Yet Biden professes much distress with regard to the Russia/Ukraine situation. In fact, he has more anxiety over Ukraine’s border than he does over the United States’ border—which is open to any and all drug cartels, illegal immigrants, criminals, terrorists, and drugs.

No one denies the heartache of watching the suffering of those Ukrainians in combat and that of their families, but shouldn’t Biden be paying attention to the American folks suffering at the hands of criminals at the border—or to the many additional deaths that the United States is now enduring because of the drastic increase in illegal drugs being infiltrated in huge amounts across the open border?

We also saw that Biden was more concerned about Russia’s pipeline going ahead, which he approved—while he simultaneously denied the United States Keystone pipeline, fracking, and extraction of gas/oil from federal lands. He would rather pay $70 million per day for Russia’s ‘dirty’ oil, and beg for Saudi Arabia’s oil, as well—although reports indicate that Saudi Arabia refused to even take Biden’s phone call.

Biden also is trying to make potential oil deals with Venezuela and Iran—the latter of which is the world’s largest state-sponsor of terrorism.

Does anyone see a National security risk here? Energy is a very important part of that security, as now these enemy countries can hold America hostage. When Biden took office, the United States lead the world in fuel production. Sadly, our energy independence is now gone, while we hear every day all of the pathetic excuses offered up by this inept administration.

Moreover, this administration thought that they would be able to convince the people that this is the perfect time for the ‘Green New Deal,’ since they have been taken hostage by the far left, but that also is backfiring.  They are trapped in their own narrative.

We also see the American economy failing, with the Gross Domestic Product indicating that we are heading into a recession.  Remember that the economic indicators always lag, so this recession could well happen sooner rather than later. Moreover, Federal Reserve Chairman Powell has stated that there can be more than one reserve currency.

Say what? This sounds right in line with reports that the World’s Central Banking System, which of course is owned by the world’s evil Cabal, is in trouble financially—deep trouble.  Trump and the Patriots are bringing it down!

And what about Covid? That used to be number one on this administration’s agenda each and every day—that and fear-mongering wherever possible. Has anyone noticed how that topic suddenly is not making headlines in the corrupt main stream media news any longer? Could the pandemic have mysteriously disappeared because the truth is coming out that the numbers who died from Covid were rigged?

Dr. Richard Urso, an infectious disease specialist, asserts that this is the case. He stated the following“Clearly that was misconstrued data. They were misdiagnosing people, and this was happening over and over and over.” Dr. Ursa also claims that they could have saved roughly 85 percent of all lives, just with early treatment.

Furthermore, Dr. Peter McCullough, who is a renowned internist and cardiologist, is calling for a review of the injury-inducing Covid vaccines. He is the world’s most cited authority on early treatment of Covid, and he urges people to exercise their medical freedom in making the choice on whether or not to take the vaccine.

Do your own research. You also will find that new data from Japan shows that the Covid vaccine is causing build-up and inflammation in women’s ovaries. In addition, one county in liberal California even lowered its death toll by 25 percent.

Undeniably, the Global Cabal/Deep State’s plan to shut down America, indeed to lock down the entire world via the Covid pandemic, has failed—which sources say lead to the Cabal’s new plan to start a war with Russia.  But that, too, will no doubt fail.

Time will tell, of course, but right now, Russia appears intent on setting NATO back on its haunches, and on getting the Global Cabal/Deep State and its bioweapons laboratories and money laundering activities out of Ukraine for good.

Since the Deep State is panicking, everyone should watch for the possibility that these villains will push a false-flag operation, whereby something happens like a bioweapons accident—and then it is blamed on Russia.

Everyone needs to do their own homework with regard to which media outlets are credible, but it would seem that reliable news sources agree that the Rothschilds—once part of the evil Global Cabal and now headed by Nathaniel Rothschild—have acquiesced to the brave white hat faction that is trying to clean up the world, and subsequently have agreed to stay out of politics.

It also appears that there is a worldwide manhunt for the Rockefellers—also a part of this wicked Global Cabal—whose front man running their nefarious plot to depopulate mankind is none other than David Rockefeller, Jr., rumored to be Hillary Clinton’s father.

But back in the United States, others are doing their own part in fighting this Cabal by working on exposing the massive election fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. We see that evidence of corruption is being produced in quite a few states, and that as a result, it is getting worse and worse for the Deep State players.

Wisconsin may well decertify their electoral votes for Biden, with Georgia following suit. The cheating throughout the Country appears to be substantial in scale—with much of the corruption occurring in the early morning hours of the day following the election.

And it all will come out sooner or later, as the truth always does. There are many honest and hardworking individuals dedicated to getting the true facts out to the people, rather than the garbage regurgitated by so many media outlets, hosted by those who many times have connections to the Global Cabal/Deep State.

Right now, the Patriots are on the hunt and a major offensive is happening. This consists of an alliance of white hats who are very effectively countering every desperate move that the Cabal makes to cover its tracks.  These white hats include the United States Military, along with the Pentagon and Space Force—and also certain Asian elders and benevolent European nobility.

Sources say that the next battle of the white hats against the Global Cabal will take place in Taiwan, where there reportedly is an epidemic of human trafficking taking place. When the Biden administration fails to want to help Taiwan, versus how they are reacting to the Russia/Ukraine conflict, the people will see how the Cabal feverishly tries to explain why they support Ukraine and not Taiwan.

Yes, the people will see the truth. They will want to know just why the Biden administration is so interested in helping Ukraine. And we can tell them that one very good reason is that Ukraine has four major energy suppliers—and that they are owned by the Soros, the Biden’s, the Comey’s, the Pelosi’s, and the Schiff’s. My my, how the plot does thicken…

But in getting back to the current financial situation of the Global Cabal/Deep State, reports are that this nefarious group failed to make a payment to China on January 31, 2022—and were thus given until February 18, 2022 to do so. They then failed to make that deadline, as well.  This is what led to the Cabal’s wanting to start a Russian/Ukrainian war. This group of evil ones is comprised of about 1 million Satanists who want a Communist-style global government, a dictatorship, with these wicked elites ruling authoritatively over everyone.

Now, a takedown of this Cabal would involve occupying all of the central bank branches and major media corporations, which already has started. We also saw that so many lies were told so that the Cabal could keep us on the Petrodollar, but that it is on its way out now, as well. A new Quantum Financial System based upon the gold standard is set to take over as the main money exchange system worldwide.

In addition, Russia and China already have gone back to the gold standard. When the Cabal decided to kick Russia out of the Swift money system, Russia simply said that they don’t need it, because they have the CBIs (Cash-based Money Interventions System), which was formed and set up by the Chinese.  Of course, if the U. S. dollar is no longer recognized as the world’s reserve currency, that bodes ill for this country in terms of prestige and economic welfare.

But at least with the new Quantum Financial System, We the People will no longer allow 0.1 percent of the population to have all of the wealth, and to rule over us. They have lived off of the middle class for many decades, forcing debt and taxes onto the middle-class people…debt that can never be repaid.

David Rockefeller, Sr. was the Deep State’s God-King, and he controlled the World Bank, the IMF, the United Nations, and the Fortune 500 companies. He died, and there was a power vacuum that’s still going to this day—although David Rockefeller, Jr. seems to have been awarded the position at this point.

The Central Banking system was very corrupt, and ran a huge trade deficit for about 40 years, but the rest of the world is sick and tired of financing this system. 

Keep in mind that the corruption goes all the way back to 1913, when the Federal Reserve Board was taken away from the Congress and given to a private Cabal of bankers. This signaled a very slow and steady takeover of the United States, as these bankers bought up the newspapers and radio stations so that they could manipulate public opinion.

These outlets were consolidated so that now 90 percent of all of the media is controlled by about six groups who report to the same Cabal leaders.

They also bought up the textbook companies so that they could brainwash the children. Moreover, they started taking over the various professional organizations, such as that of architects or any sort of organized labor, where they would replace the top executive positions with their Cabal people. They also took over corporations in this way. In addition, they infiltrated the medical associations.

Remember, though, that real businesses become successful by providing a useful service. However, the families who own the central banks literally create money out of nothing. They are parasites who have stolen We the People’s wealth.

These evil ones have George Soros and his billions that they use, among other money sources, to start wars in other countries in the name of ‘saving humanity’ or ‘instituting democracy’—only to enslave that country with debt so that they own that country.  Ninety percent of these ‘revolutions’ were started by George Soros and his ‘nonprofit organizations.’

It also was Soros’ minions who pulled a coup in Ukraine in 2014, and replaced a duly-elected President with a puppet of the World Economic Forum. One only has to research this on credible sites on the Internet to see that this is fact.

Now, the greed of this Godless Cabal also drove them to design a plan to turn the earth into a giant ‘animal farm.’ Catherine Austin Fitts, who was once Asst. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, says that this elite Cabal wants to combine the human body with trans-humanism, where they can force one to take injections so that we would have an operating system in our body—and we would be hooked up to the financial system physically and literally!

Fitts also said that she has met with some of these Cabal elites, and that one of them looked pointblank at her during an interview, and came right out with “Honey, you don’t understand.  We don’t need you humans.  We have robots.

They want to depopulate what they see as an overpopulated earth. Certainly we have all seen the propaganda out there trying to shame families for having more than two children… the pushing of a falsehood that there are too many people on earth, and that they are ruining the environment.

Surely Almighty God, who created us, thought ahead on providing room for all of us, wouldn’t you think?

But they want total control of about 800,000 people on earth, which is the amount that they think they can handle with strict overseeing and control via the use of technology. We saw with the Covid pandemic how these ruling elites tried to dramatically centralize economic and political control by using this virus for lockdowns and the overriding of our freedoms—and how they are trying to set up a program to track each and every human being.

Remember that there now exists a satellite system in the orbital platform. Using telecommunications and digital technology, these scheming elites have the ability 24/7 to track and monitor all humans and robots.

Research Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum policy, where he comes right out and promotes a New World Order, one in which the United States is not at the top. Rather, at the top is a God-less, Communistic/Marxist form of a one-world government.

Sources also say that it’s very possible that the Global Cabal/Deep State, since they are so very desperate, may try using a communications blackout so as to stop the truth from coming out—although it has been coming out already anyway, piece by piece. Nonetheless, Trump and the Patriots have countermeasures in place.

We also saw some very heartening messages recently on Donald Trump’s Telegram. There was a pic of TIME Magazine, with the cover reading ‘TIME To Bring Back Trump.’ Right next to that was Trump’s personal comment ‘It’s Time.’

We also saw another message that said “As your Commander-in-Chief on this day known as President Day, 2022, I ask all of you to follow me to allow the whole world to find out the TRUTH. It is an honor being your President on this day and on all days.” And then we saw the very cryptic “Are you ready for me to play my Trump Card?”

Trump’s new ‘Truth Social’ social media site is in the process of being launched, as well. And his first post on that platform was: “Get Ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!”

Yes, the Deep State is panicking, as they now are powerless—and feeling pain every step of the way. They were unable to stop the white hats from destroying their money laundering operation in Ukraine.  They also failed to keep everyone in lockdown for Covid. And they were unable to start World War III, try as they might to shame countries into getting involved. Indeed, the world is witnessing the dismantling of the New World Order—and there will be no deals, as they chose their reprehensible path!

As the Lord reveals to us the vile treachery that has abounded behind the scenes for decades, we wonder exactly when He will decide to rapture His Believers in Christ home. Will He settle the score of this battle of good versus evil very soon, thus forcing all on earth to choose once and for all which side they want to be on?

And then, at that point, will the rapture occur, with those who choose Satan left here on earth to experience God’s wrath during the seven-year Great Tribulation period that was foretold in the Holy Bible?

Whether or not that is God’s schedule of events, the world will soon know the truth… all of it. And at this point in time in this worldwide war, every bit of leverage belongs to President Trump and his white hat alliance in this game of 4D chess—because they know every detail of the playbook of the evil ones, since they most assuredly have Almighty God and His magnificent wisdom, glory, and power on their side.

Truly, Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!

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