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Op-Ed: We Are An Instant Gratification Society


SPRING HILL, FL – We are indoctrinated with false narratives that are distorting reality. Not only in college, in the media, but also through subliminal messaging on television and online. We are told if we join a weight-loss program and eat their products along with Botox treatments, we will lose weight and transform into a muscular male or curvy female. Besides we will look 10 years younger. The change will take place in just days, weeks, or months by eating incredibly tasty meals. It is no longer about the truth of the effectiveness of the product but the quality of the marketing.

There are many more outrageous and guaranteed products that will immediately heal you, stop your craving for cigarettes, invest your money to become instant millionaires, take a psychiatric drug to normalize behavior and learn a foreign language in two weeks. The list goes on and on to alter your frame of mind, social life, sex drive, emotional state, physical health and popularity. 

The instant gratification of modern Politically Correct childrearing practices is affecting today’s young adults and middle-aged people’s decision making. These individuals are becoming more and more delusional about how to get whatever they want. They believe they deserve and can get whatever they have determined they want with no effort. These instant gratification addicts are unprepared for gradually developing their future happiness and success. They have a proclivity to believe in magical solutions to life’s problems.

People get temporary satisfaction from instant gratification purchases. Buying luxury items like an exotic vacation, a powerful drug induced high are just a few examples. However, long-term meaningful things cannot be bought with wishful thinking or money but takes hard work. Usually, the more effort a person puts into something, the more memorable and appreciated the results. 

Online dating services where adults attempt to start an ecstatic, romantic new life Each person describes their interests and abilities as attractive as possible. One middle-aged female stated she wants to find a long-term relationship not work to develop one. Another actor says, “I am never more ready to fall in love again.” An immature older man shouts he wants to remain young forever but does not mention what he brings to the relationship besides his immaturity.

Raising children who you can be proud of takes an incredible amount of time, energy, and discipline. It does not just unfold on its own. Being a great parent, chef, a builder, rancher or business executive or anything important takes initiative, perseverance and will power to successfully achieve.

There are people who win a lottery, inherit a large fortune or become instant celebrities by a stroke of luck often feel that now their life will be perfect. Even though their lives are positively changed, in a short time they may blow their recently gained assets by making foolish decisions. They end up where they began, “easy come, easy go.” Fortune and fame flee as quickly as it came. 

Long-term loving relationships are the most difficult things to cultivate. It is simply not finding the perfectly compatible person that makes you whole, that is infatuation. Realizing that you or your mate is not perfect is a good reality foundation to begin a solid relationship. It is growing up together in an honest and at times disturbing awareness of one’s imperfections.

Many successful parents realize their children taught them well rather than the other way around. The most intimate individuals in our lives leave us their insights that have helped us mature wisely. These people can be our children, relatives, and friends and usually the most influential is our mate. 

These relationships rarely come from online matching agencies where you are supposed to meet your perfect match. This often happens with someone you know.  Your best friend could easily become the person you love. Love takes time and appreciation of the little things that grow into significant ones. Those potential relationships are right in front of you every day. The artificial venue is less likely to result in a real relationship. Instant gratification using a magical product or a finding a mate through this artificial process is unlikely.

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