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Op-Ed: Is Vladimir Putin Russia’s Trump?

Putin rose to prominence in Russia with the collapse of the Soviet Union when assorted oligarchs and criminals were greedily plundering Russia. Perhaps unsurprisingly, our indefatigably subversive Big Media is excoriating Putin much as it did Trump when he was in office. File photo: Asatur Yesayants, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The two leaders, Trump and Putin, could not be more different in myriad ways. But they are alike in one important regard: both are nationalists at a time when the international globalist cabal is busily endeavoring to checkmate nation states to bring about its vaunted One World Dystopia—I mean One World Government.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our indefatigably subversive Big Media is excoriating Putin much as it did Trump when he was in office. Cries of “He’s a madman!” “He’s dangerous!” “He’ll start WWIII!” directed at Putin today were aimed at Trump not long ago.

According to our Media Shills, first Trump was Hitler. Now Putin is Hitler.  Nice try, guys, but pure balderdash. Could it be that our pundits are so quick to cry Hitler because they so closely resemble Goebbels themselves? Just wonderin’.

Putin rose to prominence in Russia with the collapse of the Soviet Union when assorted oligarchs and criminals were greedily plundering Russia. According to strategic economist, commentator, and investment guru Jim Rickards, Putin jailed a few oligarchs and let the rest keep their ill-gotten gains as long as they stayed out of politics and ceased the plunder. If this is accurate, then Putin cleaning up Russia is reminiscent of America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani cleaning up New York City back in the day.


War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography. – Ambrose Bierce

In 2014 a Soros-funded regime change operation took place in Ukraine. Orchestrated by Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Victoria Nuland, this Color Revolution replaced Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian president of Ukraine, with globalist/EU puppets—first Arseniy Yatsenyuk, followed by Petro Poroshenko, and replaced in 2019 by EU/US/NWO shill, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Why the regime change? Perhaps in part because the globalists had made Ukraine a prime money-laundering paradise of graft, from Hillary’s infamous Uranium One sellout, to Hunter’s Burisma deals for himself and the Big Guy—you know, the one who thinks Kalumny’s the President.

But the far more important rationale would surely have been to neuter Putin and Russia. Putin is their enemy, as Trump was, for remaining a nationalist as the NWO cabal prepares to plunge all of us into hopeless serfdom à la Soylent Green and The Hunger Games. Can’t have any sovereign nations left—that’s not in their Totalitarian/Fascist/Socialist/Communist/Great Reset playbook.

Hence, the globalists’ takeover of Ukraine, now ratcheted up as they pressure Ukraine to join NATO.  Why is this practically a declaration of war against Russia?

Not only does Ukraine possess important access to warm water ports, but some of its territory lies east of Moscow. This means the globalists, including U.S. Deep Staters, who currently more or less “own” Ukraine, have Russia’s capitol surrounded. They can launch nuclear or other weapons directly on Moscow with a mere ten-minute flight time.

Putin absolutely cannot allow this.


Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil – Isaiah 5:20

For once the Dems and Reps agree on something: Putin is evil.

Ahem… let’s define our terms. Better yet, let’s consider a few examples of what most rational people would consider evil. By now we know what evil leaders look like: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro—although Justin Trudeau may argue about that last one, as he resembles the Cuban dictator in more ways than one.

I could go on, but let’s just contrast the above with Putin’s response to being backed into a corner, facing the possibility of having NATO states hostile to Russia on his doorstep. Should he sit on his hands and watch the Davos cabal checkmate Russia?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, controlled opposition “Conservative” pundit Mark Levin spins it this way:This is Putin. He’s a rogue, evil, genocidal maniac.” “… the enemy here is Russia, the enemy here is Putin.” And this:  Nothing to do with NATO…” Of course it has everything to do with NATO.

Perhaps Levin, the “Great One” who supports an Article V Convention of the States to undo the Constitution, forgot NATO’s history and mission: NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It was formed in 1949 to provide collective security against the threat posed by the Soviet Union.


In fact, one could argue that with the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO had served its purpose and could be disbanded. The Warsaw Pact, an alliance of the USSR and its satellite states formed to balance power once Germany entered NATO, dissolved in 1991. Instead of following suit, NATO has been slowly but relentlessly expanding both its role and its number of member nations—creeping ominously ever eastward, closer and closer to Russia.

Worse yet, along with the UN and the EU, NATO has become an agency of the One World Government/NWO/Davos/ Reset crowd.  And these guys now control Ukraine.

You want proof? Kira Rudik, a member of Ukraine’s Parliament recently spilled the beans, declaring on Fox News that: We not only fight for Ukraine; we fight for this New World Order.” Thanks, Kira, and now watch your back.


Frankly, I’m nonplussed by the virtue-signaling in our media and among our politicians, and even those who should know better, who persist in calling Putin “evil”, as Kurt Schlichter recently did in an article for TownhallYou are supposed to confuse “evil” (which Putin is) with “incompetent” or “crazy.”

Since when is it “evil” to protect your country? By the way, was it evil for JFK to oppose Soviet missiles in Cuba, a hundred miles from our border?

And if you still think Putin’s the bad guy here, just remember the same pundits and corrupt media that assured us Trump was unhinged, mentally unfit (how ironic when you consider his, um, replacement), and the worst president ever, even as they assured us that Fauci was trustworthy, and Hillary was going to win in 2016—that media—now tells us Putin wants to take over Eastern Europe and bring back Communism. Very odd that he never made such a move in the 22 years he’s been in power, and odder still that he brought back the Russian Orthodox Church which is by definition, antithetical to Communism. But I digress.


Of course, Usurper-in-Chief Biden merely parrots what Valerie Jarret et al. tell him to say. Following the script, Doddering Joe almost gleefully condemned Putin for his “unprovoked and unjustified attack” on Ukraine.

Eager to stay relevant and to promote the globalist agenda while playacting the part of a humanitarian, Hillary had this to say: “The world will hold Russia and Putin accountable for the human suffering and destruction this unjustified and unprovoked war will bring.” [Emphasis mine.] At least the scriptwriters changed the word order.

The irony, which we’re used to by now, is that Obama, Biden, Victoria Nuland, et al. supplied the provocation in 2014 with the overthrow of President Victor Yanukovych and his replacement with rabidly anti-Russian, and far-right, Arseniy Yatsenyuk,” and have now, under the puppet Zelenskyy, upped the ante to the breaking point, making Putin’s move predictable, necessary and justifiable. And no, I’m not saying Russia should use nukes!


At first glance, it may seem as if the unprecedented sequence of events since 2020 burst upon the scene haphazardly. But as FDR pointed out long ago, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

And once we take into account the overarching NWO plan looming overhead in our day, suddenly all the separate mind-boggling events line up as sequential moves on a worldwide chessboard. The plan is actually simple: the Davos billionaires’ club and associated globalists, including our own Deep State and America-hating Dems and RINOs—in many cases über-rich malcontents—seek to enslave humanity worldwide in their long dreamed-of totalitarian utopia. That’s utopia for them—as the ruling class that owns the world and everything in it—and dystopia for We the People.

Three major psychological operations, aka psy-ops, have relatively recently unmoored our nation and the world, paving the way for the cabal’s New World Order/One World Government. The Covid Plandemic, the Color Revolution here in America that resulted in the theft of our 2020 election and President Trump’s ouster, and now the provoking of Russia regarding Ukraine, which could potentially result in WWIII.

Note that all three serve the globalists’ grandiose agenda. Putin, like Trump before him, is in the globalists’ way, so they’re endeavoring to remove him from power as well. Actually, Putin is the real target here. Ukraine, as usual, is being used as a pawn in the globalists’ game.

If in fact we’re seeing another psy-op by the Davos Reset elites to kneecap Russia and move the world closer to their dreamed of Great Reset dystopia, then the last thing we should be doing is demonizing Putin.

Our own hard Left Dems and Deep Staters, backed up by the likes of Soros, Gates, hefty international banksters and other members of the Billionaire-Sociopaths’ Club, had a relatively easy time ousting President Trump, who offered what they likely considered only mild pushback.

That means they took down one of the two remaining nationalist leaders of powerful countries, with only one to go. That one would be Vladimir Putin. And there’s an ominous war-cry against him in the media and political realm now. If you’re still in doubt as to which side is which, maybe a quote from George Soros, kingpin of Color Revolutions and installation of globalist puppets will make it clear: We must stand with Ukraine, as they stand for us.” That’s advice from Soros, who, we can safely say by now, is evil.


Adding fuel to the fire, many are jumping on the Virtue Signaling Bandwagon, trumpeting their support for Ukraine by boycotting Russia. Among others, we find Google, Microsoft, Apple, Disney, Adidas, Nike, H&M, BMW, Honda, Ford, Exxon Mobil, UPS, and more. Not to be outdone, California lawmakers, quick to get on the wrong side of any issue of importance, seek to force pension funds to divest of Russian assets.  And Germany just stole a Russian fellow’s boat—his 600 million dollar yacht, to be precise. That oughta show Putin a thing or two.

Funny, I don’t recall anyone boycotting our actual enemy, China… Just sayin’.


And here’s something eerie from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: “We are living through a watershed era. And that means that the world afterwards will no longer be the same as the world before.” Does this sound a bit like the New Normal to you? Me too. And like Biden et al., he condemns Putin for “…an absolutely unjustifiable attack on an independent country, on the peaceful order in Europe and the world.” [Italics mine]

Funny that no one mentions Ukraine was historically part of Russia, or that Zelenskyy, the West’s installed puppet, has made it illegal to speak  Russian in Ukraine, or that there’s a militant segment of avowed neo-Nazis in Ukraine who participated in the coup d’état against Yanukovych. Details, details…

Scholz goes on to say: “It is clear that we must invest much more in the security of our country. In order to protect our freedom and our democracy. This is a major national undertaking. The goal is a powerful, cutting-edge, progressive Bundeswehr [German armed forces] that can be relied upon to protect us. … The 2022 federal budget will provide a one-off sum of 100 billion euros for the fund. We will use this money for necessary investments and armament projects.”

Hmmm… A much stronger, militarized, heavily armed Germany prepared to take on Russia. Does that ring any bells? Wasn’t the EU formed in part to protect the other European countries from the big guy smack in their midst, with a track record of aggression in two world wars? But I digress.


Not wanting to be left behind, the QAnon franchise has chimed in, recycling its hopium for the incurably naïve. For example, Dave of the X22 Report—whose recent broadcast was praised by another Q spokesman, Charlie Ward, in this small, incestuous cyber-world—reassures his listeners that Trump advises Putin behind the scenes. Dave may have forgotten that Trump is no longer President, and/or that if he were, even now as a private citizen, to reach out to Putin, quislings in the NSA would quickly discover and leak such radioactive phone calls to the New York Times and Trump might be facing a third impeachment, since the Dems haven’t read the Constitution, don’t understand or obey the rule of law, and never quit.

In Dave’s wily and self-serving imaginings, Trump and Putin also conspire with…wait for  it…Zelenskyy! You see, they’re all involved in a massive plot to take down the Deep State, but they can’t let on about this because of…optics. In fact, the title of this episode of the X22 Report is: Planned Long Ago, Deep State Stronghold and Bioweapons Destroyed, Trump Never Telegraphs His Moves.  These Q promulgaters sure know how to keep their monetizing going strong.


Our own Deep State, populated with NWO globalists, America-hating subversives and felonious traitors galore, got very busy  on February 27th, sending out a veritable flock of rather alarming tweets calling for “regime change” in Russia.

On Sunday, February 27th,  a member of the Brookings Institution tweeted out: Regime change: Russiawhich another member immediately publicly seconded.

That’s not all. On the same day, the head of the snake, I mean of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass, had this to say: “Just days ago much of the world was focused on the unwanted prospect of regime change in Ukraine. Now the conversation has shifted to include the possibility of desired regime change in Russia. A week can be a long time in politics.”

Notice the manipulative wordplay: Regime change in Ukraine is “unwanted,” while in Russia it’s “desired.” My question in both cases: by whom, Richard?

Nor was this Twitter 2/27th onslaught limited to the US. Swedish diplomat and former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt also chimed in: “All of us must now face the reality that we will not have peace in Europe until there is regime change in Russia. Then we should seek to welcome a new Russia as a partner for peace.”

And on March 4th, the feckless RINO Lindsey Graham astonishingly tweeted: “The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy out.” Graham was repeating a statement he made on Fox News late Thursday in case you missed it. “You would be doing your country – and the world – a great service.” He even said, “Is there a Brutus in Russia?” Let that sink in. Lindsey’s publicly advocating the overthrow, by assassination, of a superpower’s leader and government for defending their own turf and interests.

By the way, does anyone else remember how these guys ridiculed Donald Trump for using Twitter to communicate directly with the nation? Guess they were  just jealous…


In 1997, renowned American diplomat George Kennan warned: Expanding NATO would be the most fateful error of American policy in the entire post-cold-war era. Such a decision may be expected to inflame the nationalistic, anti-Western and militaristic tendencies in Russian opinion; to have an adverse effect on the development of Russian democracy; to restore the atmosphere of the cold war to East-West relations; and to impel Russian foreign policy in directions decidedly not to our liking.

Tragically, yet again, our leaders ignored this good advice and set out on a treacherous course instead.

A commenter on an Epoch News article had this to say: “From my 20 years traveling eastern/southern Ukraine, living there, in-laws there, kids born there, it’s clear to me the best solution is for Ukraine to be split in half, into a western Ukrainian speaking West Ukraine and a historical Russian speaking east Ukraine. The two countries would be autonomous buffers to Europe on the west and Russia on the east. Then peace could happen. Enough already.”

Here’s my two cents: You want to make sure WWIII doesn’t happen over a country Millennials couldn’t find on a map? Here are two suggestions:

  • Butt out of Putin’s business regarding the legitimate security needs of Russia
  • Ally with Putin against the NWO, recognizing that a US/Russia alliance could protect us from our real enemy, China, and throw a monkey-wrench into the Davos Cabal’s plans

What I have to say to those beating the war drums and clamoring for Putin’s scalp, as well as  those buying the media’s anti-Russia narrative, is this: Be careful what you wish for.

You might one day find yourself agreeing with an online commenter, one of many anti-globalist bloggers, who posted this on a recent Epoch Times article: “Putin is the last hope for the world.”

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