Op-Ed: Canada Is Seeing Oppression, We Are Having An Awakening

Canadian truckers
The Canadian reaction to Trudeau’s policies incited the people against his tyrannical decisions. The January 6th mostly peaceful celebration was falsely turned into an “insurrection “against our republic. The U.S. democrat politicians and “their” media servants have incessantly repeated that this was an “insurrection” with innuendo, not evidence. File photo: Yassine Bouslama, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – On our northern border, the facts were clear. Canadian truckers became tired of restrictions on their rights and freedoms. The truckers creatively reacted by employing a highway blockade demonstrating that without truckers doing their job Canada would cease to function. Once the trucker caravan started to be effective, spontaneous citizen groups formed “block parties” to celebrate the truckers’ patriotism and bravery.

Premier Trudeau called the protestors every pejorative name in the book. He called them traitors, Nazis, racist, and insurrectionists. He used the police to repress people from giving them food and gas. The government went so far as illegally confiscating trucks and bank accounts. The premier viciously threatened to euthanize the pets and take away their children. Since the local police were joining with the truckers, Trudeau sent in some troops with no identification to remove the protestors and their trucks.

Trudeau invoked the most severe emergency law to break up this peaceful protest. Trudeau’s tyrannical policies incited the citizens to increase their outcry for freedom.  There was even a situation where the mounted police rode into the crowd running down a Mohawk elder woman knocking her off her mobility scooter. These gestapo tactics forced the protesters to temporarily go underground. The demand for freedom remains.

The colossal January 6th 2021 gathering in Washington, D.C. was mostly respectful and peaceful. Citizens came from all over our nation and most stayed overnight at hotels. There were no fights, blocking of traffic or altercations with police. Although some came to denounce “the steal” of voting irregularities there were citizens who came from Communist nations handing out pamphlets to inform Americans of the horrors of communism. The crowd wanted to show their appreciation for President Trump keeping his word on his policies and his achievements. After the extraordinarily peaceful rally, some of the crowd went to the capitol to demonstrate to the nation the support for the Trump administration.


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Once the supporters of President Trump arrived at the capitol, many were directed into open gates to get onto the steps of the capitol building as shown in many videos. Others were encouraged by federal operative, Ray Epps, and an unidentified woman, to enter the capitol.

As of now Ray Epps has not been indicted although he did appear in front of an anti-Trumper, Adam Kinzinger committee. The transcript of this meeting has not been released to better understand Epps’s statement, “tomorrow we will have to get into the capitol.” Kinzinger asked him if he was an FBI agent which he denied. However, he was not asked if he was an informant. There have been no transcripts of the Epps interview with the Kitzinger committee, nor the release of all the January 6th videos inside the capitol to substantiate what exactly happened. There are many things the federal government appears to want to hide about “their” involvement and lack of evidence of this insurrection fiasco.

Initially they said there were over 100 arrests filed against January 6th attendees for nothing more than trespassing, now the number is 725 arrests. Many were put in solitary confinement. They have not received legal rights or “speedy justice,” and frequently are housed in worse conditions than were Muslim radicals in Guantanamo. The flagrant unconstitutional process of not following the legal rights of US citizens is an indictment of our government’s illegal tactics, not an insurrection.

The attendees were unaware that this January 6th celebration of Ex-President Donald Trump would be turned into a narrative of harming democrat representatives and our constitutional system making it appear as an insurrection. The democrat party officials created a scenario where the supporters of President Trump were supposed to be attacking the capitol to put fear into democrat operatives. Most of the supposed attacks on the capitol police were proven false. Not one of the speeches at the Washington monument on January 6th attacked the future Biden administration. The identified two people killed were both Trump supporters, without evidence that their murders were justified.

The Canadian reaction to Trudeau’s policies incited the people against his tyrannical decisions. The January 6th mostly peaceful celebration was falsely turned into an “insurrection “against our republic. The U.S. democrat politicians and “their” media servants have incessantly repeated that this was an “insurrection” with innuendo, not evidence.

Insurrections take violence, planning, intimidation, and destruction, not citizens who are protesting an injustice. We witnessed the government violence in the streets against the Canadian people, not by the people but by the illegal and violent police force.

The major violence we have witnessed in the United States in the past two years has been Antifa and BLM burning our blue state cities during 2020, which was called “peaceful protests.” These protests resulted in billions of dollars in damages. Citizens are awakening to these psych-op practices that turned reality in its head.

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