Mother’s Body Found Stuffed In Plastic Storage Bin On NYC Street; Police Arrest Cousin For Murder, Concealment Of Human Corpse

In a Friday Facebook post just hours before the body was uncovered, Bernadette Butler Colon, Walcott’s aunt, implored anyone with knowledge of her niece’s whereabouts to come forward. Authorities found Walcott, 35, just before 2 p.m. in the Highbridge section of the Bronx, four blocks from Yankee Stadium. Photo: Bernadette Butler Colon / Facebook.

BRONX, NYC – A New York City mother whose body was discovered Friday jammed into a plastic storage bin was allegedly killed by her cousin, who police say strangled her to death and then stored the body for a week before dumping it on a street in the Bronx.

Authorities found Nisaa Walcott, 35, just before 2 p.m. in the Highbridge section of the Bronx across the street from a storage unit at 950 University Avenue, just four blocks from Yankee Stadium. Walcott’s ankles had been bound; inside the bin she was stuffed into were also random pieces of clothing and a pair of flip-flops wrapped in plastic, cops say.

After an investigation, Police announced that they had arrested Walcott’s cousin, Khalid Barrow, 21, in connection with the murder.

Walcott had been missing since February 16, at which time her 14 year-old son had gotten text messages purportedly from her, informing him that she was leaving and that Barrow would be taking care of him. When the boy arrived home later that day, he discovered Barrow cleaning the apartment with excessive amounts of bleach, police say.


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Officials say that throughout the next week, Barrow would purportedly utilize Walcott’s credit card and continue to send faux text messages in her name; eventually, relatives became suspicious.

After being contacted by police investigating Walcott’s disappearance, cops say that surveillance footage from her apartment building showed Barrow and an accomplice moving the bin containing Walcott’s corpse out of the building on 1 a.m. Friday, after which they drove to the Bronx in a Taxi and Limousine Commission-licensed SUV and dumped the bin on a sidewalk.

At Barrow’s arraignment on Sunday, prosecutors said that Barrow killed Walcott, shoved her body in the plastic bin, and lugged it up to the rooftop of the Upper East Side building she lived in, where he stored it for nearly a week. He only allegedly attempted to get rid of it after he had been contacted on February 24 by police investigating Walcott’s disappearance.

Prosecutors revealed on Sunday that Walcott had bruises on her back and a broken hyoid, which is a horseshoe-shaped bone that serves as a structural anchor in the mid-neck; these injuries are consistent with having been pinned to the ground and strangled to death, they said. Other injuries and broken bones were reported as well.

Barrow is being held without bail, and is charged with second-degree murder and three counts of concealment of a human corpse. He is due back in court on March 4.

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