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Op-Ed: Have You Noticed Why They Come?

Border Wall
As of the end of January, it was estimated that two million illegals in one year, have come into our country with only a small number being deported and sent back to their homes. That total included immigrants from over 100 different countries.  File photo: Poli Pix Co. LLC,, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Why do so many people who come to the United States from other countries with socialism as the economic system, are now overwhelmingly in favor of our free enterprise capitalist system? Do they know something that some of our naïve citizens don’t realize? It seems that they have “voted with their feet”.

Just ask people who came from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and other oppressive countries that practice socialism and other anti-democratic policies, as to why they clamor, both legally and illegally, to come into our country? Our country is a diverse country with people and their ancestors from all over the world who came here mostly legally and wanting to enjoy the benefits of freedom and liberty, but, just in the recent past, our immigration system has broken down and we are now being flooded with illegal immigrants, violating our immigration system, by crossing our border without going through our immigration procedures, they are entering our country illegally thereby committing a felony.

It boggles the mind, that some people in our country want to change our system to one which resembles systems that caused the flight of those who are coming from failed countries to settle in ours.  As stated before, the United States is a nation of people from all over the world and we pride ourselves in being such a diverse country. Unfortunately, today we have some radical people in academia, in Silicon Valley, with their millionaires and billionaires (ex: George Soros), and left-leaning politicians who want to “transform” our country into a form of socialism. This mindset started with President Obama who actually stated that he wanted to “transform” our country. It sort of died down during the four years of the Trump administration, who championed the theory of “America First”, but since President Biden took over, and behind him, a strong socialist cabal (Bernie Sanders and The Squad) within the Democrat Party, he has embraced a form of European style socialism bordering on outright Marxism/Socialism.

In the award winning film, “Field of Dreams”, it was stated that “If you build it, they will come”, and so it is with the invasion of illegal aliens today.  If you invite them to come into our country (like candidate Joe Biden did), and after you become president, you give them incentives such as free money, free food, free medical care (including babies born on U.S. soil are citizens), free education, and a chance for future citizenship etc., they will come into our country in droves, which has happened and is happening now.  One has to wonder how can the powers-to-be, mainly Biden and the Democrats, be so blind as to this illegal invasion of our country, and how it has been negatively impacting our country?

As of the end of January, it was estimated that two million illegals in one year, have come into our country with only a small number being deported and sent back to their homes. That total included immigrants from over 100 different countries. This is a situation that cannot continue indefinitely, a major change in our immigration policy must be made.

The biggest mistake made by the Biden administration was to do away with Trump’s immigration policies that reduced the illegal invasion by building a border wall, working with the Mexican government, arresting border crossers, and backing up our brave men and women of the Border Patrol and I.C.E.  President Trump, by his words and actions, did not give “carte blanche” to the people of the world to enter our country illegally.

Most of the people coming into our country illegally, are not a group of highly educated and skilled people. In fact, quite a few who have been let in have not been vetted or vaccinated (about 10% have been determined to have COVID), have criminal records, including drug and human trafficking, and some are members of vicious gangs etc. Our country is being flooded, besides illegal aliens, with an influx of drugs including Fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana etc. Last year, it was estimated that 100,000 drug related deaths occurred just by the use of fentanyl alone. Why can’t our leaders realize that their immigration policy is a failure and a no-win situation for our country?

The Biden administration must change their lax immigration policy and return to the Trump policies. Our citizens demand action to thwart this invasion of illegal immigrants and drugs. The election in November is pivotal for our country to survive. We know why they come, so let’s stop the nonsense and tighten up our immigration policies. Elect those who will put America First.

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