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Op-Ed: Ukraine Mess Brought About By Progressives Like Biden

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine tonight. A move of brilliance by that wannabee dictator, invading just after Biden’s bedtime when our nation was without a leader. File photo: Asatur Yesayants, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – About this night’s move against Ukraine by Putin. We knew it was coming the day after Election Day, 2020. It was obvious that one of the Axis Powers (Russia, China, Iran or North Korea) would take advantage of future President Biden’s failing cognitive abilities and do something outrageous. They feared Trump. But that was over a year ago. That’s why Putin attacked Ukraine tonight. A move of brilliance by that wannabee dictator, invading just after Biden’s bedtime when our nation was without a leader. But Joe will be awakened tomorrow at 8 AM, as usual, with Dr. Jill gently removing his Teddie from his hands and tell him of the invasion. A disaster for us all. A disaster, in that he woke up.

After all, didn’t Biden excoriate Trump in the presidential debates by claiming that “Global Warming,” not Russia was the big threat to the world. And going back a few years, didn’t Obama, during one of his debates with Romney state that Russia was not our biggest threat? So why worry? In fact, didn’t our racially correct Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, assure us that those 10,000 or more troops of ours, being sent to this now embattled region are well prepared to meet the enemy? They are “locked and loaded” with all sorts of info on Racial Equity, Gender Equality and Social Justice info and hand books. Include, that our front line combat squads include the hardiest, toughest, battle trained women on the face of this earth. They’ll devastate the Russkies. We’re in good hands. Right?

But more. I’m a bit concerned. Our European NATO allies, those a mere thousand miles or so from battleground Ukraine, no longer can depend on the U.S. as their main squeeze for energy. Joe closed down our Keystone pipeline, canceled all drilling for oil and gas in Alaska’s Arctic Wildlife area, tore up leases for drilling on federal lands and basically stopped permitting oil pumping on private lands. Called for fossil fuels to be banned and ended our oil independence where, under Trump, we had such an oversupply that we exported our surplus to… Europe and elsewhere. Now we’re daily importing millions of barrels of that “poison” from… Iran and Russia. Could you see gas lines, stretching for miles in a week or so in this land of ours? And food scarcities like we’ve never seen since WWII. But, the NYT will assure us that, “We’re saving the planet” while Europe and we beg Russia (during battle?) for more of that dirty stuff. And we expect Europe to fight the hand that heats their homes and fuels its economy? Little Joey and his Progressive pillars of support thought so. But perhaps tomorrow when he is awakened, he’ll think differently. By then it’ll be too late. For you and me.

If we survive these next three years, we’ll have to do it by ridding Congress of Democrats who have coddled Little Joey, stroked his head and backed all of his nonsense he’s spouted and enacted to get us into this mess. Locally, I’m begging all of the local electorate to remove Ted Deutch and Lois Frankel from their seats in the House. Let’s work within the framework of our immediate area and get these low-level- intelligence, dangerous legislators out of Congress and replace them with true Conservative patriots who will attempt to keep us a democracy. If we’ll be here in three years.

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