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Op-Ed: The Moron and the Moronette

A smart duo, upon taking office, should have continued the Trump policies that were working, and not do away, on a wholesale basis, through spite and borderline hatred by Biden/Harris, cancel most of Trump’s executive orders. Looking back over the past year, how did those decisions turn out? File photo: Perry McLeod, Shutterstock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – I hate to label people, especially in a negative way, but in the case of President Biden and Vice President Harris, the headline label seems to fit perfectly in the describing of our two leaders.

The term moron is defined as a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment. So, when I use that term I truly believe our two leaders fit that description, much to my chagrin and trepidation. No, I did not vote for Biden and Harris, and deep down I did hope, after the election,  that they would do a good job as stewards of our country, for if they succeeded, I and the rest of the country would benefit.  After a little over a year of this Administration I’ve come to the conclusion that they are the “Moron and the Moronette”.

Trump, whether you loved him or hated him, did leave policies that benefited the country. A smart duo (Biden/Harris), upon taking office, should have continued the Trump policies that were working, and not do away, on a wholesale basis, through spite and borderline hatred by Biden/Harris, cancel most of Trump’s executive orders. Looking back over the past year, how did those decisions turn out?

We now have runaway inflation at the gas pump, as we now depend on foreign sources to meet some of our energy needs, there are empty shelves in most stores, the price of food jumping upward dramatically, and the turmoil around the world with bad actors in Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea as our main antagonists, all happening under the Biden/Harris leadership.  Therefore, could confronting these problems by Biden/Harris be considered moronic? A fair impartial person could deduce that they were notably stupid and/or lacking in judgment.


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When Biden/Harris took office the illegal immigration invasion was under control, mostly with our deal with the Mexican government and the building of the border wall. One of the first acts by Biden/Harris was the scrapping of Trump’s border policy and their encouragement of anyone to cross our border without going through our immigration process. So, in the past year, the Border Patrol has confronted up to 2 million illegals with most being let in and not deported. Does that policy make common sense or does that signify a decision made by morons?

In addition, when Biden/Harris assumed office, our country was energy independent and a net exporter of energy. So, when Biden/Harris came in they canceled the Keystone pipeline, closed gas and oil exploration in the ANWR territory of Alaska, and the stopping of leases for “fracking” on government lands. We now have to import a portion of our energy needs from foreign countries, some of whom aren’t friendly or downright hostile to our best interests (ex:  Russia, Saudi Arabia etc.)

Added to the problems listed above, in order to confront the pandemic (a/k/a China virus), the Biden/Harris Administration has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy, thereby increasing our national debt to $30 trillion and counting. A good portion of that money was wasted through fraud and mismanagement, as usual. This flooding of the economy with government money is one reason why our debt has reached the level that we now face, and it has fueled the inflation we are all facing in our daily lives.

To enforce the designation of calling our leaders morons, look what they have done in foreign affairs. Due to a lack of foresight and perceived weakness in Biden/Harris, we now have the Russians on the border of Ukraine threatening invasion of that country, the Chinese are giving signs of invading Taiwan, who seem to waiting for the Winter Olympics to be finished before they make a move, and North Korea is shooting off long-range missiles, almost on a monthly basis, and the terrorist regime of Iran is heading for building a nuclear bomb in the near future. Do you blame these countries after witnessing how the Biden/Harris conducts their business both domestically and abroad? The one way we can rein in the Moron and the Moronette, is to have the Republicans to win back both the House and Senate this coming November.

God bless the United States.

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