Rumble Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million to Move Podcast to Their Service from Spotify

Joe Rogan
The Joe Rogan Experience averages 11 million views per episode, far more than the protesting artists who have left Spotify achieve in a month or more. File photo: Rokas Tenys, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Comedian and super-successful podcaster Joe Rogan has been the center of controversy as of late, from being alleged to have spread misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic – leading to several Spotify artists removing their songs from the service in protest – to having over one hundred archived episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience recently removed by Spotify for the show’s host having reportedly used the “n” word in them.

However, amid the calls for Spotify to drop Rogan’s immensely popular podcast – which isn’t likely, since The Joe Rogan Experience averages 11 million views per episode, far more than the protesting artists who have left Spotify achieve in a month or more – Rumble, a conservative video-based social media platform based out of Canada has stepped up to make Rogan an offer to move his show to their service.

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski issued a statement via Twitter, offering the embattled podcaster $100 million – and a promise of a censorship-free experience – if he brings The Joe Rogan Experience over to his platform.

“We stand with you, your guests, and your legion of fans in desire for real conversation,” Pavlovski said in his statement. “So we’d like to offer you 100 million reasons to make the world a better place. How about you bring all your shows to Rumble, both old and new, with no censorship, for 100 million bucks over four years?”

“This is our chance to save the world. And yes, this is totally legit,” Pavlovski added.

Rogan has not yet responded to Pavlovski’s offer as of press time; however, he did issue a statement regarding his previous use of the “n” word in his podcast, saying it was taken out of context.

“I can’t go back in time and change what I said,” he said. “I wish I could, obviously that’s not possible, but I do hope this could be a teachable moment for anybody that doesn’t realize how offensive that word could be coming out of a white person’s mouth, in context or out of context.”

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek defended Rogan, saying that his comments were “hurtful” but that “silencing people” was not the proper response. Spotify has maintained that Rogan’s show would enjoy creative freedom, and claims that the move to yank the offending podcasts was done in conjunction with Rogan’s team.

Rogan had originally signed a $100 million deal with Spotify to exclusively air new episodes of his podcast – as well as his entire 11 years’ worth of previous content – in 2020.

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