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Op-Ed: Is This “Jim Crow” in Reverse?

The Democrats have used the term Jim Crow when they mention Republican policies in general, and individual Republicans in particular. Since everything relates to racism with the Democrats as they pander to the Black community, it is not unusual for the Democrats to use that very polarizing term as a means of denigrating their opponents. File photo: Johnny Silvercloud, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Who or what was Jim Crow? The name was used as a racial caste system that operated primarily, but not exclusively, in the southern and border states between 1877 and the mid 1960’s. It was used mainly against Blacks.

The Democrats have used the term when they mention Republican policies in general, and individual Republicans in particular. Since everything relates to racism with the Democrats as they pander to the Black community, it is not unusual for the Democrats to use that very polarizing term as a means of denigrating their opponents.  In fact, “Jim Crow” was practiced mainly by the Democrats for many years, including the racial enforcement arm of the Democrats, the notorious Ku Klux Klan.

Now that Joe Biden has the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court Justice, he has taken a page out of the past Democrat hymnal of using race as a cudgel to promote their racially motivated policies. Ole Sleepy Joe Biden has proclaimed that he will nominate a Black female as his nominee for the Supreme Court opening that Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring from. No rational person, that I know, is against a qualified Black, White or any other minority person being nominated to the exalted position of a Justice of the Supreme Court, but why eliminate people for consideration on the basis of their lack of skin color? Look at the mistake that Joe Biden made when he selected a person of color for his Vice-President, Kamala Harris, all in the name of diversity. She even has lower poll numbers than has Biden because the people feel she is not up to doing a competent job, and her color has nothing to do with it.

I’m sure there are qualified Black women who would fit the criteria for a position on the Supreme Court.  That’s not the point. The point is that you should not be limited to defining prospective nominees by their race, gender, national origin or other personal characteristics. Competence and judicial temperament should be the primary requisites for anyone to be nominated for the Supreme Court.


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Since Joe Biden, as president, has the right to nominate a candidate for SCOTUS, he most likely will nominate someone on the liberal side of the political spectrum, as was Justice Breyer. The big problem is, what kind of political influence will the extreme, radical side of the Democrat Party exert on Biden, in his choosing of the eventual nominee?

I’m sure that if he nominates a liberal (with competence and common sense) to fill the void of Justice Breyer’s departure, he will not have a problem filling the vacated seat on the court. But, if he nominates a “radical lefty” (in the mold of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. AOC etc.) he will have a fight on his hands, even from moderates in his own party.

By using race, gender, national origin, and sexual orientation as a means of making an administration diverse and inclusive above all else, is a recipe for disaster, as Biden’s first year in office seems to have pointed out. That is the problem of using diversity as the only criteria instead of using the policy of choosing people with practical experience and common sense. Joe Biden has reaped the ignominy of hiring and using people in his administration who lack the qualifications needed to do a competent job. Most of Biden’s appointments have been from from the government bureaucracy or from the halls of academia, with very few from the business world, and it shows by his, up till now, failed economic policies and huge government debt that he has racked up. Even Biden’s once fawning press has shown signs that Biden is lacking in his job performance, and his party is anticipating an electoral blowout by the Republicans this coming November. That’s why they are trying to get most of his radical agenda passed before both the House and Senate return to the Republicans in November.

So yes, it is quite obvious that the once “moderate” Joe Biden has been compromised by the radicals in his administration. That’s why he and the Democrat leaders are using the phony epithet of “Jim Crow” against the Republicans, to divert attention away from the failures of his administration. As has been stated before that trying to hang the noose of “Jim Crow” around the necks of the Republican is disingenuous, as the term “Jim Crow” is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Democrats and it will not work, against Republicans, in this election cycle.

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