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Op-Ed: How Did Hatemongering Become Acceptable?

How Did Hatemongering Become Acceptable?
White children are told by academic authority figures that they are inferior to black children because they have “white privilege.” Black children are told that they do poorly because they do not have privilege. It gives both groups of children an excuse not to do well and prevents innocent children viewing each other as friends. File photo: Monkey Business Images, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – The United States is not a perfect nation although it has attracted people from all over the world. Millions of people are still attracted illegally flooding our southern border. The U.S. is presently the only nation in the world that has open borders.

At the time of our founding, our territory had to be defined. The western hemisphere was populated by indigenous people who were overrun by mostly English, French, and Portuguese settlers on the land of these native people. There were physical conflicts inflicting great pain, with killing and injustices on both sides. Eventually the Europeans dominated these territories bringing a new culture and society to this hemisphere.

As in any conflict, the winners take the spoils and the conquered lose their power and wealth. There was minimal wealth as the settlers had to work with their own hands to gain it. There was no welfare safety net. Life is often unfair and difficult.

Over time civilizations rise and fall. The winners and losers constantly change place. Living in the past grievances means a defeated people will not transform themselves into being a winner. Instead, they stay on the fringes of blaming their victimization on the past. During the Civil War Booker T. Washington was born a slave but did not wallow in the world of being a victim. He insisted on the rough road of education and entrepreneurship to get ahead. He did not try to change society to reward his fellow blacks for doing less than they could to become productive. Living his belief system of picking oneself up by the bootstraps culminated in him founding Tuskegee University.


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Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream not of equity, reparations, and stopping white racism but for all of us: whites, blacks and brown, to be judged by our character not the color of our skin. His approach was similarly to Booker T. Washington’s. He understood that educating not attacking the society or chastising all whites as racist was more permanently positive than the method of change.

The Critical Race Theory was developed by Marxist professors in their “ivory towers.” These elites developed unscientific, subjective social constructs to create a narrative that all whites are racist regardless of their individual actions and behavior towards people of color. According to these pompous hate mongers, every white person is racist if their skin color is significantly light. This is insulting to all Americans. Blacks have close white friends that they chose as friends while whites do the same. According to white superiority, whites only use blacks for their own benefit. There is no scientific data to substantiate this statement. It is all about the subjective feelings of the self-proclaimed experts of CRT.

No matter how these Marxist racist professors, either white or black, want to indoctrinate their students by insisting all whites are racist, it hurts, not solves any of the black issues. Blacks from all nations who have intact nuclear families and the work ethic do well in academic environments. Whites who have chaotic families without a work ethic do poorly.

White children are told by academic authority figures that they are inferior to black children because they have “white privilege.” Black children are told that they do poorly because they do not have privilege. It gives both groups of children an excuse not to do well and prevents innocent children viewing each other as friends.

Making white children feel guilty for doing well in school does nothing to help black children do well in an academic setting. Using an identifiable group of people as the main cause of another people’s failure is a losing policy for advancing the individuals of that group. Race -hatred of any group that blames their problems on another group does nothing to solve their own problems.

In school, teachers see students go from failing grades to high achievers when they stop feeling the world is against them. Once there is an attitude change in a student to believe he is the cause of his own low achievement, not the system, can he take command of his educational responsibilities. Learning to be responsible in the long run develops the discipline necessary to overcome personal deficiencies enabling them to become winners.

Hatemongering hustlers often gain notoriety, power, and wealth. They personally prosper while feeding lies to their followers to believe the hatred of another group will appease their followers. This strategy deflects the personal anger. It does work to bring together many people to the race hustler’s side, making them notable political leaders of supposed victims. The media fans the flames of these groups to assist making race-baiting acceptable.

Changing oneself, not the entire world creates a winner. Hating oneself and others leads to self-destructive, counter-productive and self-hatred behavior. 

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