Trump Urges Followers to Boycott Cable Providers AT&T and DirecTV for Dropping One America News (OAN) Network

Conroe, Texas, Donald Trump
On Saturday at a rally in Conroe, Texas, Donald Trump called for the boycott of multiple media corporations for their political bias and strangleholds on information, singling out AT&T and DirecTV first for their threat to get rid of One America News. The rally was covered live by Right Side Broadcasting Network.

MONTGOMERY, TX – While speaking at a “Save America” rally in Conroe, Texas on Saturday, former President Donald Trump urged his fans in attendance to boycott AT&T in retaliation for an announcement earlier this month that telecom giant would be dropping the One America News (OAN) from their DirecTV lineup in a move that experts say could cripple the conservative, Trump-friendly network.

“If they shut down OAN you should boycott AT&T and DirecTV. They’ve got a big audience, it’s purely political,” Trump said at his rally on Saturday, which was also attended by OAN’s president. “And while you’re at it boycott Comcast and Xfinity, while you’re at it. Because they’re no good. They’re just no good, and they’re so bad for our country.”

At the rally Trump also criticized CNN – a favorite target of the former president – which is owned by Time Warner, another company owned by AT&T; he also stated that OAN impending removal from DirecTV was “purely political.”

Trump tore into CNN calling it “corrupt.”

“How bad, by the way, how bad and how fake is CNN?” he said to cheers. “We no longer have a free and fair press…if we did all of this would end. Our corrupt media is going to destroy our country if we don’t do something about it.”

Trump again slammed AT&T and DirectTV on Sunday via a statement released through his Save America PAC, and also tore into NBC News’ parent company Comcast – which he referred to as “CONcast” – calling for a boycott of them all, which he referred to as “radical left lunatics.”

President Donald J. Trump

“AT&T is closing the very popular One America News Network (OAN) because too many people are watching,” Trump said in his statement. “They couldn’t put up with that any longer. Conservatives / Republicans should boycott Direct TV, and while you’re at it, ‘Concast’s’ Xfinity as well. These are Radical Left Lunatics who are destroying our Nation!”

The rally was covered live by Right Side Broadcasting Network.

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