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Glenn Beck Predicts “Biden Will Be Impeached And Removed” If GOP Retakes House, Senate in 2022

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck predicts a Biden impeachment “will definitely happen” if the pieces in America continue to fall into place. Glenn tells TheBlaze’s Stu Does America, “If the republicans sweep there is one thing I can guarantee; they will do investigations and hearings and this guy will be impeached and removed, it will happen.” Photo credit: Blaze TV / YouTube.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Glenn Beck, conservative political commentator, author, and radio host appeared on the podcast Stu Does America on January 28, where he predicted that President Joe Biden will be impeached and removed from office if Republicans are successful in retaking the majorities in the House and Senate during the 2022 mid-term elections.

Beck initially floated the idea that Democrats, who may be souring on Biden based on his recent poll numbers, may actually be looking to replace the president themselves before the GOP even gets the chance to impeach him.

“I think he goes away before the next election,” Beck said. “Because if the Republican sweep, there is one thing I can guarantee: they will do investigations and hearings and this guy will be impeached and removed. It WILL happen. The things that he has done…”

The Glenn Beck Radio Program host –  known for spreading controversial theories – alleged that he has a “source” that was unable to give him details, but told him of a clandestine meeting recently attended by both Republicans and Democrats to address the “damage” he said Biden’s presidency is doing to the country.


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“I talked to somebody who gave me no details yesterday, unfortunately, but he just walked out of a briefing for both Republicans and Democrats and it was on the things that are happening now, financially and also globally, militarily,” Beck said. “He said Glenn, I can’t tell you anything, but I will tell you this: all of us, Republicans and Democrats, went ‘we’re committing suicide, we are watching it bleed out.’ Everything, the worst things that we have suspected are happening.

Beck insisted that his source told him that, based on information he has seen, a GOP attempt to impeach Biden would be successful if Republicans gain enough ground in the House and Senate during the upcoming mid-term elections.

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