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Op-Ed: You Can’t Change Mother Nature

Climate Change
It seems that most of the Democrats still consider the theory of man-made global warming as the major threat to civilization, and if you challenge them they will call you a “climate denier’ or worse, including the over-used word of “racist” (however that fits in the discussion). File photo: Nicole Glass Photography, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – With record snow falls and low temperatures across most of the United States this winter, you’d think that the clamor about “Global Warming” (a/k/a climate change) would have subsided, but no, the “lunatic left” has continued its misinformation campaign that we humans can somehow change “Mother Nature”. In fact, they claim that “global warming” is the biggest threat to peace and tranquility around the world, and not the threats posed by China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

It seems that most of the Democrats still consider the theory of man-made global warming as the major threat to civilization, and if you challenge them they will call you a “climate denier’ or worse, including the over-used word of “racist” (however that fits in the discussion). Throughout time immemorial, we’ve had bouts of weather perils even when the earth was sparsely settled, and the use of burning fossil fuels were minimal. According to national weather statistics, we have had 292 hurricanes since 1851. The global climate cabal have claimed that the warming of the climate has had a major effect upon the number and intensity of hurricanes (and forest fires) in the not to distant past. Are they correct? Back in the period of 1851 to 1900 the hurricane activity was comparable to the years from 1900 to 2020. To blame the burning of fossil fuels and the using of gas guzzling, (nonexistent in 1900) SUV’s, seems to have had little impact on global warming as the climate fanatics would have us believe.

Yes, we all want clean air, palatable drinkable water and debris free areas around our country and the world.  We humans can control that by being better stewards of the environment, an activity that is not controlled by “Mother Nature”.

Many of our politicians and bureaucrats who belong to the “Cult of Global Warming”, seem to speak out of both sides of their mouths. Two of the most prominent who have been lecturing us about global warming and the rise of the seas and the threat of the seas gobbling up of vast swaths of land, Barack Obama and Al Gore, have bought waterfront mansions on the East coast and West coasts of the United States. If the peril of global flooding was so eminent, why would these climate charlatans purchase homes in harms way? Are those two perfect examples of blatant hypocritical thinking? Is the Pope Catholic? Add to the mix of “charlatans” would be Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry, who owns 6 houses, 12 cars, and 2 huge yachts, plus a private jet, and he has the nerve to preach to us about cutting back on our use fossil fuels.


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Also, among the climate fanatics is that perennial thorn in the side of capitalist countries, billionaire George Soros, who has said he will commit $1 billion to start a global university, called the Open Society University, to fight authoritarian governments and climate change , calling them twin challenges that threaten the survival of our civilization. Can you imagine that this 90 year old socialist, who is a major donor to the Democrat Party, is trying to undermine the Western capitalist countries using climate change as a cudgel in his arsenal against the free enterprise capitalist countries, to carry out his warped theories of one-world governance, including our present President, Joe Biden.

Using hurricanes as a barometer of the existence of “Climate Change”, many researchers have found evidence for and concluded that there is multi-decadal cycle of human activity in the North Atlantic Ocean consisting of 20-40 year periods of increased hurricane activity followed by 20-40 year periods of decreased hurricane activity. So, one should then be able to conclude that “Climate Change” is in the hands of “Mother Nature” and not in the hands of humans who use fossil fuels as proclaimed by the “Climate Change Fanatics”.

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