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Op-Ed: The Voucher Program Would Give “Domestic Terrorists” Back Their Schools

If it wasn’t for the children’s online instruction in their homes during the epidemic, parents would never have known what was happening in the schools. File photo: Syda Productions, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Historically education in the United States was initiated and controlled by the parents. Our ancestors were religious people who studied the Bible with their children to gain religious knowledge to live their lives according to Biblical moral values and principles. At an early age, children were taught Biblical verses which turned out to have the additional benefit of teaching these young citizens how to read.

Many affluent citizens augmented their children’s reading by hiring tutors in specific areas to enhance their academic knowledge. Some were even sent to Europe to gain sophisticated skills of the best European students. The original settlers oversaw their children’s education as they planned and executed it while paying out of their own personal funds.

In the mid 1800s Horace Mann made it the state’s business to organize a national education system. Initially local community leaders and parents were closely aligned in providing a quality education for the local students through taxes. As the state and finally the national bureaucracy become bloated, the parent’s power to influence their child’s education became nonexistent.

By the middle of the 1900s the parents were practically outside their child’s educational life. At this juncture in 2022, local police throughout the country have been assigned by school boards to silence or even arrest citizens who want answers to incidents in their child’s school. Even a perverted act against a child was denied and the father was removed from the school board meeting. Other parents who demanded action were labeled domestic terrorists. Most parents were outraged that they were paying incredible taxes to the government while there is no accountability to their wishes. They want to have provided a safe environment and an accurate accounting of our national achievements as the leader of the free world. Instead, these children were being indoctrinated with flagrant communist propaganda.

The pathetic, low ranking of the US education as compared to other nation has been ignored by the public-school authorities and most public-school parents. Some home school and private school parents responded by using their personal funds on top of paying exorbitant school tax money to remove their children from these chaotic government schools that did not provide safety nor education.

If it wasn’t for the children’s online instruction in their homes during the epidemic, parents would never have known what was happening in the schools. This is an indictment of our parents involvement with their children’s education. For too long parents were incorrectly assessing their children’s learning by their inflated grades and never-ending awards. The parents were conned by the education bureaucracy and now many are realizing that the government believes that the education process belongs to them, not to the parents to decide what should be taught and how. Government officials are stating this directly to parents.  The right to educate the child belongs to the state, not the parents. The government has replaced the parental role as the primary adult in the student’s life like in any tyrannical nation.

The National Federation of Teachers had a very successful decades old campaign that teachers were not sufficiently paid for the abuse they received from students and parents. Teachers are often starting off at $45,000 per year while schools in Chicago are receiving $27,000 per student for their education. The teacher union’s demands have been granted but the results for student learning has collapsed.

Even with incredible increases in funding our public schools have deteriorated academically as well as transformed into social change centers. Our traditional American ideals, work ethic and constitutional republic have been under attack being replaced by a constant litany of America’s short comings: racism, inequality, CRT, injustice, homophobia, transgenderism, and perversion masquerading as normal. Even Satanist Clubs are being approved as afterschool programs in public schools. Meanwhile many Marxist teachers are singing the praises of utopian Marxism. This is not academic learning; it is brainwashing our children to destroy our nation by robbing parents of the ability to raise their children to be patriotic Americans.

Parents need to be put back into the driver’s seat directing the education of the most important legacy: their children. The ultimate way to do this is to give parents their own tax money to decide what and how their children should be educated

This approach has been called “the voucher program” which was especially favored by black leaders in the 1960s. Every family receives back  the school tax money paid for the education they prefer. The empowering of parents through their purse strings is a powerful incentive for educators to entice educational institutions to improve their services.

This lets the parents vote with their money to choose what they consider the best education for their child. This gives accountability to the parents where it belongs not to a bloated and corrupt school bureaucracy.

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