Article III Project’s Mike Davis Discusses NPR, WaPo Dishonest Supreme Court Reporting on Fox News

Mike Davis Discusses NPR, WaPo Dishonest Supreme Court Reporting On Fox News
Mike Davis Talks Supreme Court Mask Controversy on America Reports. Photo credit: Fox News.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Fox News, Article III Project Founder and President Mike Davis discussed the latest on the controversy surrounding the Supreme Court’s mask policy and the inaccurate and dishonest reporting coming out of NPR and The Washington Post.

“Ruth Marcus at The Washington Post and Nina Totenberg at NPR are intentionally spreading misinformation to smear Justice Gorsuch, and this started at the COVID [mandate] cases two Fridays ago. All nine Supreme Court Justices are fully vaccinated and boosted. They test every morning before every court appearance. All the advocates are tested before they enter the courtroom,” Davis said.

“The Supreme Court spent a bunch of money to upgrade the air filtration system, and for months, all nine Justices sat through these oral arguments, eight of them without masks. It was not an issue. Justice Sotomayor wore a mask, the other eight didn’t. And so two Fridays ago for some reason, the science somehow changed for the two COVID [mandate] cases, and Gorsuch didn’t want to play along with that. He wasn’t going to play politics. So he continued to do what he did for the prior months and not wear his mask,” Davis said.

The Article III Project (A3P) was founded by veteran GOP operative and attorney Mike Davis, who, after helping win the Senate confirmation battles of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, developed the reputation as a “take-no-prisoners conservative eager to challenge the left with hardball tactics,” as reported in The New York Times. A3P defends constitutionalist judges, punches back on radical assaults on judicial independence (like court-packing) and opposes judicial and other nominees who are outside of the mainstream.

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