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Op-Ed: Tyranny, Like Evil, Never Goes Away, Although It Can Be Controlled By Courage

Thomas Jefferson
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial has a quote that encircles the inside of its dome that reads, “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the minds of man.” – Thomas Jefferson.  One of the four panels reads, “God who gave us life gave us liberty.” – File photo: LO Kin-hei, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Tyranny has existed throughout history yet there have been periods of time when peace and harmony embrace a society. Law and order prevail due to honest and dedicated leadership. These statesmen willingly intervene on the side of justice and do not remain in silent acquiescence to wrongdoing.

As the famous British nobleman, Edmond Burke, stated during the revolution with England, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” When people avoid the truth before their eyes, they create the conditions necessary for creeping evil to gain a stranglehold over society.

The Roman King of Judea, Herod, killed all boys two years old and younger to ensure that the Christ child no longer existed. This incredible evil act caused immense suffering and sorrow but not any noted insurrection. Only grief and resignation reigned without a hint of rebellion against this evil act since the people remained silent.

When the conditions of evil and cowardice are established, it takes strong, honorable people to place their reputations and assets on the line for freedom. Only dedicated and indignant individuals can end the advancement of evil and finally dismantle it to regain freedom. The longer the process takes, the greater the suffering of innocent people.

Once community individuals defy the repressive authorities, other brave leaders in the community cannot deny the truth. Eventually one after another people stand up against the injustice and abuse that have been epidemic. Courage is man’s greatest virtue in combating brutal, repressive rule.

Parents voicing their rightful grievances in front of a hostile school board takes courage. Speaking in front of a investigative committee or even directly to the people who are the advocates of repression is not easy to do but it makes a difference in influencing the direction and policy of school boards, local, state, and federal governance.

Freedom of speech must be practiced both written and verbally addressing our concerns and demands to our elected representatives. By not speaking up we will lose our voice and freedom. Fear to speak one’s opinion opens the gates to encourage greater and greater limits on our freedoms in areas we took for granted. Increasing doses of curtailing our freedom without protest means we are further down the road of accepting dictatorial edicts as legitimate. The disregarding of people’s rights to determine the direction of government shows it is “the oligarchy behind the scenes” that is in control of government.

As Thomas Jefferson, a leader in our revolution and framer of our constitution, noted in the quote above that it is a constant battle to limit tyranny as soon as it rears its head. Once a strategy of repression is accepted, it becomes harder to erase it. Constant vigilance is needed to stomp out tyrannical decrees before they gain a foothold in the fabric of the nation. This means some individuals who earned their status through great effort must make many important moral decisions. Many can and do join the other powerful elites and go along with the flow by selling their power and reputation for personal gain.

Some reject this route and remain true to their word to protect the freedom of those who elected them. This choice eventually must be made by each government official or bureaucrat. The temptation to sell their integrity to the highest bidder is too often the path of least resistance for personal fame and fortune.

Yet, a few good leaders do stand-up and throw a monkey wrench into a conspiracy of leaders who want to use their power to deny innocent others any rights that were promised to the people. When a leader voices legitimate objections that oppose the scheme, it often ignites others to voice their objections. Once an honest and open debate begins the desire of shutting down the truth fades.

The only excuse to accept corruption and repression by evil men is cowardice. It is up to all of us free people to exercise our free speech and right to assembly to keep our communities and nation free.

When the free exchange of ideas takes place, many more will join and the truth will become obvious. Free courageous people speaking up creates a tsunami of voices to turn the tide to freedom over tyranny.

Tyranny only wins when free, honorable, and courageous men remain silent.

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