Son Says Funeral Home Amended 41-Year Old Father’s Obituary To Remove COVID Vax Death Claim Without Permission From Family

Derek McIntosh
According to his son, Derek McIntosh, 41, passed away from vaccine-induced blood clots shortly after receiving his covid-19 vaccine. Calvin told reporters his family was not informed about changes to his fathers obituary until after edits were made, at which time the funeral home claimed the obituary had violated ‘unspecified’ company policies. The Published Reporter reached out to the Funeral Home which declined to comment.

MINNESOTA – The obituary of a 41 year-old Minnesota man who is alleged to have passed away from complications related to a COVID-19 vaccine shot was amended without permission of his family to omit the jab being the possible cause, as well as a thinly-veiled insult directed at President Joe Biden.

“Derek Andrew McIntosh, 41, passed away unexpectedly in the early morning hours on January 4th, 2022, due to complications from blood clots sending him into cardiac arrest after receiving his covid-19 vaccine,” stated the original version of the obituary, hosted on the website of The Peterson Grimsmo Chapel.

“During the last weeks of his life, however, the world turned dark with heavy-handed vaccine mandates,” the original obituary continued. “The governments were determined to strip away his right to consult his wisdom and enjoy his freedom. He had been vehemently opposed to taking the vaccine, so thank you Joe Biden for bringing on a premature death of a life not fully lived.”

After the family reached out to ask why the obituary was edited, The Peterson Grimsmo Chapel reportedly claimed that the text had violated unspecified company policies.

Before and After

Derek’s son, Calvin McIntosh, said his father did not have any previous or underlying medical conditions that he was aware of that could have been responsible for how he passed away.

“Weeks before getting the vaccine he was in very good health. He was told by his work Kurt Manufacturing that all employees had to be vaccinated by January 10th, 2022, per the government mandate,” he said. “Kurt has contracts dealing with state and federal government, and the company was informed that they would lose certain contracts if they were not a 100 percent vaccinated workplace.”

Calvin said that his father was very uncomfortable at the thought of taking the jab, but did it because he needed to keep his job.

My father believed he had the antibodies from getting COVID previously but we do not have any proof that he had antibodies before his forced vaccination,” he said. “He was very against the vaccine and wanted nothing to do with it but he needed to keep his job to provide for him and I.”

After arriving at the hospital by ambulance, Derek was immediately treated; however, two hours later when his son arrived to check on his father’s condition, Calvin received some very bad news from the doctor.

He had told us that my father’s heart had stopped five times and they were unable to get him back,” he said. “He suffered from serious blood clots in the heart and lungs and went into cardiac arrest.”

Calvin claims that the doctors at the hospital originally told him that the COVID-19 vaccine – which one Derek purportedly received was not specified – was the cause of his father’s death. However, Calvin said that they were never given a death certificate to prove this, and alleges this was done on purpose.

“We were notified today that they are unable to give us a death certificate because they’re doing a toxicology report on my father,” he said. “We never gave any consent nor were we even asked. His body has already been cremated and we believe they are doing this to prevent the vaccination from showing on his death certificate.”

According to The Gateway Pundit, who apparently was able to get a copy of the original printed version of the obituary, the chapel first edited out any mention of Joe Biden, before further editing the online version to remove the allegations of adverse vaccine effects.

Original Obituary

The Published Reporter reached out to Peterson-Grimsmo Funeral Chapel on January 14 for comment and while they stated they are aware of the story in the news they did not have anyone that would be able to provide comment on the situation. In the event we receive comment, we will update with their position on the incident.

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